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Today's Obituaries: James Johnson (1987-2010)

James Johnson (1987-2010)

James Patrick Johnson, 23, passed away on Monday, April 19th, 2010. He was born on February 20th, 1987 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He's most known for his collegiate years at Wake Forest University and was a rookie for the Chicago Bulls as of this season. The rookie of African-American & Samoan heritage was known for his grit and tenacity, willing to give his all on the court
However, for all of his past glory. One Akron Hammer from hell ended the young man's career.

In the first round of the Eastern Conference's NBA Playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls squared off in what was supposed to be the ultimate in "Shocking The World" as proclaimed by the nuisance known as Joakim Noah. The Cavs were heavily favored as they had the league's best record. In Game #2, the Bulls were hanging tough, already down 1-0. Coach Vinny Del Negro decided to put James Johnson in to guard LeBron James and no one could've realized the death sentence that had been put in front of Johnson's feet.

What did they do? LeBron got isolated on James Johnson, looked him in the eyes...and told him "its over."
LeBron takes 3 steps...and then jumps real real REAL high.

James Johnson did what all young, ambitous, and stupid men do. They reacted. Unfortunately, LeBron decided he was going to dunk real real REAL hard. LeBron didn't have to dunk on him like that, and when he was finished...he let out that same tribal war cry that Adrian Peterson did when he put William Gay to sleep. Apparently, James was able to sustain consciousness till the end of the quarter, then he was never seen or heard from again.

A foundation has been created in honor of James Johnson, in honor of all the dummies who thought trying to block LeBron's dunk was a good idea. Please send any donations to the "Damon Jones' Flashy Red Suits" Foundation. Thanks.



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