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It's interesting being able to witness one man being able to hold the power of an entire playoff game in the palm of his hands. You get to a point that you almost take it for granted that the man will be involved in almost every play on the basketball court. The crowd started chanting "M-V-P! M-V-P!" and it totally felt right.

Yet on this day, the stat line, the destiny of a game, and the crowd screaming in delight was not fit for "The King" but instead for a scrawny dude from The 'Ville named Rajon Rondo.

I can't remember where I heard it, but I heard someone refer to Rondo as Boston's D'Artagnan vs. the actual Three Musketeers (KG, Pierce, Jesus) and that just made so much sense to me. Everyone's been waxing poetic that, "Oh this is Rondo's team" and "He's the best player on the squad now" and all that other stuff. I personally believe none of that even matters. The real point is that Rajon Rondo KNOWS that no one in the league can check him and he can literally go out and do whatever he wants to.

I mean think about it, what is there on the basketball court that he doesn't do well? Oh yeah I forgot, shoot the basketball. Doesn't matter, he can do 9 other things so well that the 10th thing he's not strong at isn't even a concern. Month aka Maurice Williams has been a non-factor this entire series. Rondo's getting everyone involved in the offense, and he's crashing the boards with the trees down low. Plus, he's pulling okie-dokes on LeBron now?

I truly believe this flustered LeBron. If you look on his face, he almost looked embarrassed. You know who else should be embarrassed? The Phoenix Suns. You have a do-everything-except-one-thing-well (defense) point guard of the ages in Steve Nash and you draft another do-everything-except-one-thing-well (shoot) point guard in Rondo and you traded him? Yeah, I'd be sick too.

What's Cleveland going to do? Aren't they going to have to do the 'best athlete on the floor guards the hyper quick PG' routine a la Bean (Kobe) on Russell Westbrook? Why are they consistently trotting Anthony Parker out there like he's going to make a difference? No disrespect to AP, but he can't guard Rondo. We all know Month Williams can't guard Rondo, and Delonte might be able to guard Rondo if he hadn't strained his back trying to carry that guitar case that was loaded with...never mind. LeBron must stand up and guard the man or he's going to be finding a new zip code in the "Summer of '10."

(Quick tangent: I used to be dead set on LeBron leaving Cleveland at the end of this season. Then I said there's no way he's leaving. Now? I can't blame him if he leaves. His coach has no idea how to coach LeBron and Co. offensively, and I was never truly in love with Cleveland's talent. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Go to The Clippers LeBron, just trust me. End tangent.)

There had been claims recently that the point guard throne had been passed from Chris Paul to Deron Williams
and I am personally upset with myself that I let the torch passing go down without a real fight at all. Chris Paul is still the best point guard in basketball. Until Deron finishes top 3 in an MVP voting (CP3 finished 2nd two years ago) and puts up a better overall line than Paul (22/11/5 in his last two healthy seasons) and gets to a conference final, then I can't lift Deron that high. Sorry Kenny. However, Rajon Rondo's putting his name in the hat not only as one of the best PG's in the league, but he actually might be the best PG in the league. He passes as well as anyone in the league, crashes boards, and plays lock down defense. Plus, his ability to score and lead a veteran ball club gives him extra bonus points. Of course, it helps to have KG, Paul, and Jesus there to back you up, but it says something about the player when you are the unequivocal leader of such a veteran squad.

Is Rondo the best? We don't know yet, but Cleveland better figure something out, and it all begins with #9 in Green and White.



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