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The Atlanta Hawks Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

This is what happens when your PA announcer celebrates the end of a 7-game series against a heavily depleted yet scrappy and full of heart Milwaukee Bucks by screaming, "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!" to their fans. This is what happens when your Johnny-come-lately fans celebrate the end of a 7-game series against a heavily depleted yet scrappy and full of heart Milwaukee Bucks by singing, "Na-Na-Nah-Nah...Na-Na-Nah-Nah...HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!!!"

The basketball Gods have a way of having vengeance against you in the harshest of ways.

Evidence by a 43-point mollywhopping that occurred by the Orlando Magic as they destroyed the Atlanta Hawks in the season opener at Amway Arena. The Atlanta Hawks clearly showed that their heart should be questioned more than the Tin Man's did in the Wizard of Oz. Last night, they made Dwight Howard look like Bill Russell reincarnate added in with a youthful Shaquille O'Neal of 15 years ago.

Now I understand that we weren't expecting Atlanta to be world beaters after struggling mightily against a heavily depleted yet scrappy and full of heart Milwaukee Bucks team. (Getting the point?) But goodness gracious, is it time to start making the real claim that Joe Johnson just might be a bit overrated? Yes, I know he can get you 22 a game in his sleep, but what else can Joe do? He shares the ball-distributing ability with Bibby for the Hawks, but does he do ANYTHING to make his team better? He's brings nothing to the table defensively, and I'm not sure Joe Jeezy has a heartbeat. Who's the leader of that team? Josh Smith's game is too volatile to really lead that squad, Al Horford probably should be the leader of the team but it might not be in them.

To be honest, the Atlanta Hawks remind me a ton of the Denver Nuggets. They have a ton of talent on that team, but I can't figure out if they just play like idiots, their coach is just not really capable to lead them to the promised land (in this case we're talking more about Adrian Dantley and Mike Woodson, George Karl gets a pass...but I don't trust him that much either. Just trust him WAY more than Dantley and Woodson), or have we just overrated the players that they have on their team.

Atlanta needs a point guard in the worst way, and they are truly paying for passing on them REPEATEDLY in the draft. The basketball Gods gave them Joe Jeezy, Horford, and Josh Smith. They could've had Chris Paul and Deron Williams, yet passed on them both for freaking Marvin Williams. Is it now time to call Marvin a bust? He was the #2 pick and he's as unforgettable as they come. Since 2005, Atlanta has missed on such an array of players its truly baffling. Lets take a look:

2005: Chris Paul, Deron Williams (Picked Marvin Williams 2nd)
2006: Brandon Roy, Rajon Rondo (Picked Shelden Williams 5th)
2007: Rodney Stuckey, Aaron Brooks (Picked Acie Law 11th after picking Horford 3rd)
2008: Traded 15th pick to Phoenix, picked Robin Lopez
2009: Eric Maynor, Darren Collison (Picked Jeff Teague 20th, no judge on this as of now)

Sorry, this was not intended to be a bash fest on the Hawks but you know what? We need to bash the Hawks, because we have lifted them up ever since they took the soon-to-be NBA Champion Celtics 7 games. They deserved it, they played with the heart and vigor of an up and coming team who's ready to go to the next level. Well guess what? That was 2 years ago and they just got destroyed by 43 points to the Orlando Magic. No team worth a damn should ever get rolled by that much and if I am a person with some power in the Hawks organization, you've got to make some changes. This is another warning shot for the Thunder, Grizzlies, Blazers, and any other team that has young talent who's trying to make a run for a ring. The Hawks should be better, and I'm not sure if they're capable of improvement.

I hope the Orlando PA announcer yells to the Magic fans in Game 5 after they beat you guys 4-1 in the series the following, "YOU CAME AND SAW DISNEY LAND, NOW ITS TIME TO GO HOME!" All while the fans sing, "Na-Na-Nah-Nah...Na-Na-Nah-Nah...HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!!!"


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