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Aye, Ease Up off The King

Ever since the Celtics beat the Cavs on Tuesday night, there have been quite a few revelations. Yes, Rasheed Wallace is actually alive and played extremely well. Yes, Kevin Garnett can still command a double-team. It’s further confirmed that Mike Brown can’t coach offense worth a damn, and yes, there's more confirmation that Month Williams still sucks...speaking of which:

Note: the origin of Month Williams was brought to light by @thetillshow and @DragonflyJonez, who informed that the aforementioned stems from the Blackberry Auto-correct feature. When you type in “Mo,” it automatically changes it to Month. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and even funnier, because they got @Candace_Parker saying it, too.

These are things once questioned, but affirmed, thanks to Game Two. However, something else came to the surface as well. Despite the fact that LeBron James played a game that would be considered great by about 90% of the other players in the league’s standards, the new focus of his detractors is none other than his elbow. See, instead of The King simply having an off-night, people are saying he’s the one making a big deal out of his elbow hurting, even though he has barely uttered a word since Game Two.

As hard as it is to speak over the sounds, yells, screams, and shrills of the people who are now piling on this man, allow me to say, loud and clear…leave LeBron James alone.

See, this is something we’ve had to do in the past at ETSF. When people piled on Tony Romo during the season, Ed, the biggest Cowboys hater in the universe, came to his defense, because he recognizes an injustice and a misdirection of anger, as well as an unfair target, when he sees it. This time, leave it to me to come to the defense of The King, when some of the same people who have been waiting to pile on this man now feel they have something to use, in order to get their long-standing biases on him out in the open.

Now I won’t lie; some of the stuff I’ve seen, like the Tickle Me Elbow post, and the Twitter account for his elbow, is pretty damn funny. That’s stuff that can easily be laughed about, because it’s just hilarious to see some of the commentary. This is more about the fact that, for whatever reason, people just don’t like this man. Last time I checked, he’s still out there playing, competing, battling, and hasn’t changed his approach to the game at all. People make a big deal about him not yammin’ hard on fast-breaks, since his elbow is hurting, but maybe he just doesn’t wanna yam all hard on a break. It doesn’t mean the man is trying to beg for attention. On top of that, folks are being critical about him getting multiple MRI’s. The last time I checked, there’s nothing wrong with getting some reassurance on an injury, severe or otherwise. Do we need a reminder of the Celtics and their “handling” of KG’s injury last year? That wasn’t supposed to be serious, but did he end up returning in time to help the Celtics last year in the postseason? He did not; my point exactly.

This is going to be a tough series, and there are no excuses being made by the man. How about we all wait until Friday, and see how everything plays itself out? By then, he’ll probably be back to playing well, and folks will have to find something else to get on this man about, like him needing an edge-up, or some other craziness like that. It’s only been two games, people. Ease up off him.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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