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Julius Caesar, Malcolm X, LeBron James...

Somehow, in the span of about 3 hours I became a "witness" to something truly remarkable. I literally saw Twitter, Facebook, my text messages/BB messenger, and any other communication device go nuts last night during the annihilation that Cleveland received at the hands of Boston last night.

I literally saw thousands of people viciously assault the man that is know as LeBron Raymone James. Is that what it took for everyone to seemingly turn on the man? Because he played a bad Game 5? Last time I checked the series is not over and the man still has games to play.

This is an excerpt from our own Kenny Masenda after hearing all of the LeBron ridicule that he received immediately following last night's game:

"Dammit, I've seen enough of this hate.

How does this show the difference between Kobe and LeBron? Kobe has the best frontline in basketball, the best coach in basketball, and has played in the freaking triangle his whole career. LeBron has an aging Shaq, the worst coach of a good team in basketball, and doesn't play in any type of offense.

Y'all make it sound like the Celtics are a bunch of bums. They just won the damn championship two years ago, and now that they're healthy, they're doing exactly what they're gonna do. I swear folks wanna come out and crucify LeBron, and put Kobe on a damn pedestal, and don't wanna put all the facts out there. Sure, LeBron's stinkin' it up, but until the Cavs get a real coach and he has anything close to what Kobe has in terms of help, this will be the result."

I couldn't have said it any better.

Simply put, LeBron HAS to play better but at least give the man a chance to fail first. He isn't even finished yet! The Cleveland coaches have to step up, the other Cleveland players have to step up, the FANS have to step up (that was one of the most pathetic fan experiences I've seen at the Q last night, you should be ashamed.)

Moreover, we as fans have to do better as well. Trust me, I know I kill Kobe all the time and I give him a hard time. However, I am no fool...I'm not going to write Kobe off until he gives me a succinct reason to do so. I damn sure didn't write Kobe off after Game 4 against the Lakers, I just said that his performance was "inexcusable". So what did Kobe do? He busted OKC's ass in Game 5.

LeBron's plenty capable of doing that to Boston. Plus, we have got to tip our cap to the Boston Celtics. They have been playing phenomenal, and I think its safe to say that they actually look like the team that won the title two years ago. They are playing scary good and we have to give them much more credit.

Twitter last night reminded me of two scenes, both very similar.

Remember when they killed Caesar? Everyone got their stab in after he was dead. Same with Malcolm X, they didn't have to shoot him 12 freaking times. LeBron ain't even dead yet and you all are treating him the same way. Did you all do that to Jordan? Nope, you weren't old enough to be as unreasonable to do now. You were hopers and dreamers still, so lets just hope and dream that LeBron shocks the world in Game 6.


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