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Kobe: the ETSF townhall meeting

*picks up mic*

Come one, come all.

Haters, lovers, non-believers, fans, stans, everyone from all walks of life...

You can find a story about Kobe pretty much anywhere. Hell, even when the story isn't about Kobe, someone finds a way to weave him into the discussion. The thing about those stories is this: they are always told through someone else, but rarely are they told by the fan. We recognize the influence of this man, which has led us to do a first here at ETSF.

This post is a townhall discussion on Kobe. Everybody in our community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, and read the responses from our peers. You can say whatever you want about the man. Good, bad, indifferent. Use the comments section, and that'll be the story that ends up being told. The story of Kobe Bryant, by none other than the fans.

*drops mic*

-K. Masenda


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