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Rampage vs. Sugar aka "Black on Black Crime"

On the eve of what could possibly be an epic Memorial Day weekend, we here at ETSF don't always take the time to show the proper respect for some of the big time sporting events that occur outside of the big 3 (basketball, football, baseball). Plus, I know that some of you feel some kind of way about certain sports. Some of you could care less about the World Cup, (take Spain...trust me.) some of you could care less about the Stanley Cup, (take Philly...trust me.) and some of you do not like Boxing or MMA, and I totally get it.

However, I've watched plenty of UFC fights in my time, and there is a fight going on this Saturday that is unprecedented for MMA. There will be two black fighters fighting for a title for the first time ever in Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad "Sugar" Evans at UFC 114. Now we're not talking about Jackie Robinson territory or anything, and I'm not sure if that is the reason I'm so geeked to watch this fight, but it has the chance to be epic. That's the reason we stay up late (like last night) and watch all these games, because you never know when someone will "Shock The World" and something truly great will happen.

So what are we truly dealing with here? We got two guys that by all accounts really do not like each other whatsoever. Now, i do think some of it is a charade, and some of it is UFC cashing in on the hatred, but these two have been yapping consistently for well over a year now. Back in UFC 96 of March 2009 (I swear this gets hilarious to me with UFC, when is the numbering going to end? In 10 years will it be, "WELCOME TO UFC 4,782!!!!" I digress...) After Rampage dismantled Keith Jardine, Joe Rogan ensues to interview said Rampage and ask him about his next fight with Rashad Evans. This was notable as Rashad was doing color commentary that night and had already started to make his way to the ring to confront Rampage as well. At that moment, one of the greatest sh*t-talk sessions and best lines to be spoken came out in UFC history...please watch.

Word? That man said, "ITS GON BE SOME BLACK ON BLACK CRIME!!!"

I said it back then, and I'll say it now. I still don't know whether to be mad or cracking up off of that, but at the same time it got me juiced to watch the fight. That was 15 months ago, after that there were injuries (Rampage suffered ligament damage to his jaw), movie filmings (Rampage starring as B.A. Baracus in "The A-Team"), reality TV series (Rashad and Rampage in "The Ultimate Fighter") made this fight as delayed as a Pacquiao/Mayweather clash.

If you are a fan of sports, then this is a must watch. Maybe not you PERSONALLY watching the fight in your house, but go to your buddy's house, or go to Buffalo Wild Wings, or something, but watch. You seriously might not see anything like this again, and who wants to miss out on something like that? This won't be your typical UFC fight, I don't see a ton of grappling and wrestling going down in this fight. Look for a lot of punches being thrown and some knees and kicks as well. The fight could last 30 seconds (think Rampage vs. Chuck Liddell) or it could go all 3 rounds, I'm not sure.

Oh yeah, I got a prediction for you too...

Rashad in a decision...but I want Rampage to win.



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