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I Knew There Was Something Strange About Sugar Shane...

Remember when we were in high school, and there was always that one girl that was off the chain in school. I mean, she was fine and she knew it. All the dudes was jocking her, and she brightened up your day when she walked by you in the hallway. She was a pristine memory when you left high school, knowing that she would always be that way...

Now, remember when you came back home after being away from college for a couple of years. Remember seeing the same pretty young thang you used to know? Now she's developed a chain smoking habit, put on the freshman 50, and you are pretty sure she's got at least 2 kids? You're just like WTF happened to you? That's the feeling I had on Saturday night when Shane Mosley fought Floyd Mayweather, it just looked like Shane Mosley's game feel off a cliff with no hopes of ever coming back.

Maybe this is a testament on how great "Money May" truly is as a boxer on Saturday night, but Shane's been in the boxing game for 20 years and I've been watching him for the last 10 years personally. The man said that he was "tight" and couldn't get off in the fight...

Word? Shane really? You've been fighting for nearly as long as I've been alive and now you were tight? Larry Merchant even called you out for the egregious act you pulled off for our $60 PPV
fight that we watched. Floyd basically just filed your retirement papers, called you a "kid" during the 24/7 series, and officially sealed the fate for your quasi-jheri curl.

My thing is this, was Shane's lackluster performance simply due to Floyd's exceptional ring brilliance? Or...was the fact that the U.S. American Doping Agency was knocking on your door 3-4 times a week and you couldn't get any "happy juice" up in you? Seriously, in round 2 you did something I've never seen in about 8 years of Floyd fighting, you stunned Floyd. Not just caught him with a nice punch, you buckled his knees. Floyd looked like he was hanging on for dear life for about 7-8 seconds, then found a way to finish out the round.

This was the turning point of the fight, it looked like Sugar Shane might have a fighting chance. Then Floyd destroyed him, but you know why he destroyed him? BECAUSE HE DIDN'T THROW ANY PUNCHES AT FLOYD AFTER THE 3RD ROUND! You stopped fighting! You looked like you needed a nap and a 5-hour energy. Some of the ladies that I was watching the fight with said he looked like he needed to do a line of cocaine real quick, because of all that twitching he was doing. (This had me literally crying lol)

I wouldn't crucify Shane for such an anemic performance if it wasn't the fact that he'd been whining and crying for this fight for about 4 years. He crashed Mayweather's victory interview with Max Kellerman, demanded a fight and then came out and got mollywhopped. You should be ashamed of yourself, and I think the truth about Shane's been made crystal clear. I honestly feel bad for the guy, because its a classic case of popping off at the mouth then not being able to cash the check. Something that "Money May" has done for his entire career.

Shane, your check bounced buddy. I don't know if it was because you didn't have any happy juice or not but go get a haircut or something.


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