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Armageddon: The End Of College Football

This is going to be an "Ed raging against hypocritical capitalism and silly rhetoric all in the name of getting money" post. I'm just giving you a heads up now.

Over the last couple of months, I've heard tons of news where the Big 10 (+1)is looking to bring on an additional 1 to 3 teams into their midst. The Pac-10 could look to bring in as many as SIX teams into their conference. The Big 12 is laying out ultimatums to Nebraska and Missouri like commissioner Don Beebe has ANY power at all whatsoever. The Mountain West has even gotten into the mix and proposed bringing in Boise State into their ever improving conference.

Somehow this thang we call college sports has turned into something where money can be made while athletics and school spirit were always at the forefront, and changed into the only thing the higher ups really care about. Making college sports ALL...ABOUT...THE MONEY.

I won't get into the bullshit that in a world where the only two collegiate sports just so happened to be played by a majority of people who are poor black kids, which in turn helps pay for sports programs played by kids that don't even need a scholarship. Yes, I'm talking about football and basketball. The only two sports in the world where there is an age requirement to play the game. Hell, the #1 pick in the 2010 MLB draft is 17 year old Bryce Harper. Tennis players, golfers, gymnasts, soccer players, and any other pro sport can effectively make money as soon as they are capable. Yet, in the NBA you have to be 19 and in the NFL you have to be 21 to officially play ball. You know what that sounds like to me?

Slavery. A free triple-A minor league system for pro football and basketball.

So what happens when college football turns into a legitimate minor league football system? You're going to kill all the rivalries in football. If Nebraska leaves the Big 12 and goes to the Big 10, who in Nebraska cares about Nebraska playing Indiana? Who in the entire Big 10 cares about playing Missouri? No one. Illinois doesn't even care about playing Missouri, they already play 'em in non-conference games every year.

Same in the Pac-10. Ok, you're going to bring in as many as SIX teams into the conference? Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado. WTF...first off, good luck traveling from Seattle, Washington (UDubb) to College Station, Texas (Texas A&M). Do you know how long of a flight that is? 6 1/2 hours. That's a DIRECT flight. Games ending in Seattle at Midnight and getting a direct flight puts you back in Texas 8:30am, plus having to get there early to practice and getting acclimated to a location. Yet we ALWAYS talk about players missing too much class. You know what that sounds like to me?

Bullshit. Sounds like you really don't care about the players at all. Eff going to those classes, just get up and bust some heads in football.

The BCS is not equipped to help everyone make money in this current setup, and a playoff has been proven to help everyone make more money as possible. You know what else it does, it helps with inclusion of smaller teams and large teams. It brings a unified front to what's going on in college football. So by bringing super powerhouse conferences together, we are diluting the game, and taking away the true essence of what college football is all about. College football is something that people care about. Its representative of where you come from and the growing up of you as a (wo)man.

Who in the hell wants to watch Baylor play Washington State? Who wants to watch Minnesota play Missouri? No one does. So I'm sending this out on these internets as a call out to the NCAA regime and take a hands on approach to turning things around. We want our college football as pure as possible, so don't jeopardize it by allowing TV Contracts, ticket sales, and booster donations to dictate the college football experience while fattening their already fat pockets. I'm afraid it already might be too late.


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