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ETSF Hits 500...

Its an interesting fact that Kenny brought up to me last week, we've reached an astonishing feat in that today's post is our 500th post. Its weird, really, that we've written so much just a little over two years time. We have the ability to reach thousands of people with our voice, and if you've never heard the mission statement, then understand it as this:

"Ed The Sports Fan was created to serve as a palette for aficionados of athletic competition, to consistently providing original & thought-provoking content at all times."

This is how we differentiate ourselves versus any other sports publication on the net. We don't knock anyone else's hustle, but we just do what we do, because we know if we did anything else you'd talk real bad about us immediately. Here's the thing though, we're just getting started. Here are a couple of reflections I'd like to share with you today...

The Most Commented Post In ETSF History Is...

The "Real" 10 Best Runningbacks Of All-Time
- With a whopping 61 comments, this particular article has set the internets on fire. Why? I honestly have no clue. I lie, I know why, because of a couple of things...

#1. Its a list, therefore the article comes up a lot on google searches. (That's called a tip for you bloggers/writers out there. Lists help get pageviews.)

#2. I tried to make a list only using a very biased statistical view of looking at yards per carry, yards per game, scrimmage yards, and notable achievements. What does all this mean? I ranked Jim Brown as the #1 tailback of all-time. No big deal there. What's the big deal? I didn't rank Emmitt Smith in the top-10 at all. It doesn't help that I have a supreme diabolical hatred bias against the Dallas Cowboys.

#3. Because you the readers, made the comments section off the chain. Just read the comments you'll understand.

The Most Culturally Educating Posts Of All-Time Are...

Ken The Chivalry Man
& Ed The Ladies Man

Why? Because we do it for the people. What better way can we continue to build as a people than by laying this game down flat for all of us to proper accordingly. Just as we want to try to have an educated opinion about the games we follow on a daily basis, we also want you the fellas to succeed with the ladies whenever possible.

Moreover, we have a responsibility to the women who read us to occasionally educate on some of the finer points on what goes on in our brains.Besides, if you click on both articles you get to see the ladies showing love to Ken and Ed. Oh boy.

The Most Controversial Posts in ETSF History Are As Follows...

Michael Jordan And The Bulls Got Off Easy
- The title kinda tells the entire story, but you want to get folks riled up? Talk about Michael Jordan in anything but a positive light and see what type of response you get.

Seat's Taken: The Trials of Trying to Break into NBA Title Territory
- Because Kenny basically called NBA Commissioner David Stern a diabolical dictator who controls the league like puppets on a string. Seeing the Lakers defeat the Celtics win the title this year gives over 50% of the title banners being held by only two teams makes this post all the more interesting...

Hello #85? Yes, This Is The Truth Calling...
- Article I wrote about Cincinnati's own Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson last year. Doesn't seem like it would be controversial now, but time has a way of helping folks forget what the real was back then. Folks in Cincy were talking down on #85 something terrible, and for what? Because he wanted to win, and the Bengals weren't living up to their end of the bargain. Cincy didn't like me for this at the time, but Chad got the message, literally.

The Most Enjoyable ETSF Posts Of All-Time...

The Jesus Shuttlesworth All-Stars
& The Boobie Miles All-Americans - Whenever you start dreaming of a scenario of having Jesus Shuttlesworth being able to play Kyle Watson in a mythical game of one-on-one, you know that a) you have too much sports on the brain & b) you have the makings for some of the best articles of all-time.

The Forgotten Powerhouse of College Football
- Great idea by Kenny, because seeing the downfall of such great teams like Miami, Notre Dame, Florida State, Michigan, and Nebraska made us officially feel old. We have to speak nostalgic about teams that used to be good, and its good to reminisce.

So there it is folks, we at 500. 500 down, 5,000,000 to go. We've got some big announcements coming up in the near future, and we're going to change the site up a bit. Stay tuned.



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