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My Open Letter to Bill Russell

It’s safe to say that desperate times call for desperate measures. Tonight signals Game Seven of the 2010 NBA Finals, and by now, there’s nothing else to be said, in terms of strategy, players, and coaches. As much as people have said, it still seems like there’s one man that hasn’t been asked to make sure the desired result of what’s best for the NBA will happen. Without further ado, this is my personal open letter to the greatest winner in NBA history, the one and only Bill Russell.

Mr. Russell,
Thanks for reading this letter. Initially, I was going to title it “To the Greatest Winner who ever Lived,” or “The Greatest Six of All-Time,” but Mr. Russell is probably best. Anyway, people are so busy talking strategies, how much this game means to each team’s legacy, their coaches, and their star players, but I’m not as much interested in that, as I am in sending this letter to the one man who has enough juice to make the desired result take place. See, basketball fans have come to acknowledge you as a soothsayer of sorts; someone who can tell the basketball future. When you talk, people listen. We know you don’t waste words, and when you speak, we better listen, because you won’t repeat yourself. When you sat down and gave your words of wisdom to Kevin Garnett, every basketball fan with a pulse felt that. It wasn’t that long ago when KG was in a similar situation, and cried in front of Big John Thompson about how much losing was killing him, and just like that, you arrived, sat in John Thompson’s chair, and prophesized on the potential for KG to win at least two or three championships in Boston.

See Mr. Russell (we don’t refer to you as Bill on ETSF; you deserve more respect than that), you’re the one man that has more juice than Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, Kobe, the talking heads at ESPN, David Stern, all of them. These folks tremble in your presence. They quake when they hear your footsteps, and are taken aback when you let out that loud-ass laugh of yours. Even when something’s not funny, they pay respect, because they’re terrified of you. With tonight’s game meaning the end of the road for the season, your presence is needed again.

We saw The Finals last year, and how wack it was to see you have to give the newly-named Bill Russell Most Valuable Player Award to someone not on the Boston Celtics, and that’s not something we want to see again. Besides, there’s a personal interest in it for me as well. There’s no need to lie, Mr. Russell; I’ve talked an inordinate amount of trash in the past two years, about how Boston would destroy the Lakers, if they had KG last year, and now that they do, there’s no reason why you can’t use your powers to help motivate the Celtics to victory in Staples tonight.

Besides, people are calling this pursuit by the Lakers as “The Drive for Five,” even though it’s the Lakers quest for a 16th championship, yet folks are making it all about Kobe. On the Celtics side, it’s all about the pursuit for Boston’s 18th championship, and nothing else at all. No individual agendas; none at all. Basketball NEEDS Boston to win the NBA Title tonight, and contrary to popular belief, a man can retain his self-respect and still beg for a favor, and hell, if it means my own self-respect is being compromised here, I don’t care. The Celtics must win tomorrow, by any means necessary.

Doc Rivers running on the court, as great as it was, isn’t enough. The Celtics role players playing well won’t be enough, either. The Big Four doing their thing won’t be enough, either. That extra jolt needs to be there, and that’s where you come in. Whether it’s you doing the pre-game talk, halftime talk, sitting behind the bench, it doesn’t matter. We know you have the most integrity of anyone who will be in that building tonight and that will be needed for this thing to happen. Thank you and God speed.

-K. Masenda
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