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NBA officials are the devil

The NBA Finals are supposed to be the greatest time of the year for all basketball fans. We get to see the two best teams, with some of the best players in the NBA, go at it, and they do it all in the name of the Larry O’ Brien Trophy. However, leave it to the officials to call these games in a manner that’s been so awful, so pathetic, and so unnecessary that it’s taking the fun out of the entire thing.

Now, let's make something totally clear: no team has benefitted more than the other, when it’s come to this atrocious officiating. In Game One, Ray Allen barely played. In Game Two, Kobe and KG got in early foul trouble, which pretty much limited their production the rest of the night. In Game Three, it was The Truth’s turn. At this rate, we can count on either Pau Gasol or Rondo getting in foul trouble tonight, if not both of them. Anyone who’s played basketball knows that you have to adjust to officiating, but when it’s this awful, it’s damn near impossible to figure out what you’re even adjusting to.

Fans know the old adage of “people come to the games to see players play, not refs ref.” Better yet, we also remember it said in a more colorful way, courtesy of The Big Homie, Shaquille O’Neal:

At the time, all you could do was laugh, and then nod your head in approval, because the Big Aristotle told the truth, and we’re seeing the most blatant display of piss-poor officiating in an NBA Finals in recent memory. They’ve done some good, like making sure not to give Kendrick Perkins another tech, when he’s probably done enough to warrant one, but that’s about it. These refs are tools of the devil, and have been the entire postseason, and they’re using the biggest stage of the NBA to allow everyone to see their incompetence, first-hand. It truly is a disgrace, and the worst part about it is there’s no sign that they’re getting any better.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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