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Sportscenter Will Never Replace Watching the Game

Last night, three events took place that, depending on who you ask, had a huge amount of magnitude. One was the debut of Stephen Strasburg for the Washington Nationals. The second was Game Three of the NBA Finals, and the third was the Jill Scott and Maxwell concert. Granted, if you asked me this question three months ago, the obvious choice would be to hit up the concert, and not even give the other two events much thought at all. However, as the day got closer, the decision wasn’t as easy, but in the end, I settled for going to the concert, thus missing the two games.

Looking back at the night, I can definitely say the right decision was made, because the concert was dope as hell. While folks on Twitter were screaming at Kobe, Ray, The Truth, or whoever at whatever moment, I was in the zone, taking “A Long Walk,” enjoying some “Crown Royal” (the song, not the drank), and basically not giving a damn about what was going on with Strasburg's debut or the basketball game.

The problem came after the festivities were over, and I headed on back to the catch the tube. The best bet was to turn on ESPN, watch Sportscenter, and an accurate portrayal of what happened would be presented. Then, a brilliant post could be written about why the Lakers won and it would be done in such a fashion that you would swear I watched the game, and since no one on Twitter would snitch and say I hadn’t actually watched it, the plan would work to a T. Once again though, after seeing Sportscenter, it let me know that, as great as the show is, it will never replace watching a game.

Sportscenter basically showed me that the Kevin Garnett deterioration post was premature, that Ray Allen went from Jesus to Judas (shout-out to Mtrible for the Judas line), and that Derek Fisher made some big shots and shed a couple of tears after the game, which I have absolutely no problem with. What it didn’t do is show me how the Lakers won. Even now, I have no clue, until I go back and watch the game on my VCR.

As for Strasburg’s debut, it seems like ESPN did everything under the sun to make his performance look as masterful as anything you’ll ever see, but even with all that, it’s still hard for me to really care. Sure, he was fantastic, but there’s that part of me that says “well, it was the Pittsburgh Pirates.” Maybe the hype machine will work for his next start, but for now, it’s not really doing much on this side.

In conclusion, one of the main themes of ETSF came back to punch me right in the face: you have to watch the game. There’s no way you can get the entire picture just from watching highlights or watching Sportscenter. It’s impossible and any rational sports fan will be able to tell if you watched the game or if you didn’t and you merely pretended to. With that said, you can be damn sure bet it’s not gonna become a habit.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda

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