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WTF Were They Drinking On Draft Night?

I'm going to admit this straight up...I didn't watch the draft.

I say this bitterly as I've been known to get my "Light Skin Simmons" on and go NBA Draft Diary here on ETSF. Its funny because usually I do a draft diary while drinking "libation" and watching it with friends as well.

However, after looking at the 2010 Draft Board...I can immediately tell you who effed up, and I have to question...WHAT IN BLOODY BLUE HELL WERE THEY THINKING???

Golden State Drafts Their 2358479th Frail Power Forward Ekpe Udoh

Now, this in no way, shape, or form an indictment on Ekpe Udoh. I personally am a big fan of ole buddy from Baylor, dude can ball and I think he's got a Serge Ibaka-like game in him. For any team in the NBA, this would have been a great value pick and someone who can immediately play in your rotation today. Funny thing is, Udoh at 23 is older than Randolph (20) and Wright (22). With that being said...

Hey Don Nelson? Yeah you, old man. Hey new general manager Larry Riley...hello? You there? WTF were you thinking about when you drafted another 6'10", 220-pound power forward? Don't you already have Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright? You realize you're turning into the Detroit Lions of basketball right? Just drafting wide receivers just cause, I'm confused. The bad thing is, YOU DON'T EVEN PLAY ANY OF THEM!! I swear if you don't play Udoh then very little bit of credibility I still have for "Nellie-ball" will go down the drain. I'm praying for you Ekpe.

Blazers' Owner Paul Allen Just Fired One Of The Top 3 General Managers In The NBA

Can someone explain to me how someone can fire a GM in Kevin Pritchard who minus the monumental fail (and win for OKC) of drafting Greg Oden, has somehow drafted a team of young players that will continue to have a chance to be contenders for the next 4-5 years. Plus, Paul Allen had the gall and audacity to ask Pritchard to finish the draft before he walks out the door? What part of the game is that???? You're gonna fire me but then ask me to help you build your team before I go? Ok...

Let's just say this...if Luke Babbitt, Eliot Williams, and Armon Johnson all end up being monumental fails, you know why.

The New York Knicks & Cleveland Cavaliers Can Kiss LeBron Goodbye...

With all those trades that Miami and Chicago made, there's no way in life that LeBron's gonna sign with New York or Cleveland. You don't have enough money and you don't have enough players worth of damn to make it realistic for him to sign with their team. Chicago can now easily go get 2 players, Miami can resign Wade and get two players, and teams like the Clippers and Nets have now made their teams quite attractive. (The Clippers are the biggest sleeper in this LeBron sweepstakes, trust me.)

So good look signing Joe Johnson, David Lee, and Rudy Gay. Enjoy being mediocre again, because you just got left behind.



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