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People Make Me Mad

Over the years, there are two men in my life who have given me an infinite amount of “old-school wisdom.” Those two men are my father, and Willie McCullough, my old-school buddy who I used to work with at UPS, back in the day. Willie schooled me then, and still schools me now, on the game of life, when it comes to how to be a man, take care of money, and how to deal with women. Most of it, if not all of it, is humorous, and is really just him talking about how my generation doesn’t get it, how our music sucks, and other stuff like that.

My old man gives me words as well, but his are a little more subdued than Willie’s. A few years back, the old man sat me down, for a little bit of “Old Man Wisdom.” There’s one piece of advice he gave me a few years back, that has stuck tried and true, and will until the end of time:

Don’t allow people to give you high blood pressure.

Now, you may be wondering why that phrase is being used now, and why it applies to this here post. Well, the statement is basically true, and it carries a tone that can be seen as funny by who’s hearing it; one, because he’s dead-serious when he says it, and two, because it usually follows with a long rant by him, which basically shows why he has high blood pressure in the first place. That statement has been tested on many an occasion by my boys, homegirls, acquaintences, women I have dated, folks on Twitter, former co-workers and bosses; hell, pretty much by everyone. However, the past three days have been the ultimate test, with last night serving as the culmination to my old man’s worst nightmare. I let my temper get the best of me, and I ended up leaving a sporting event early.

Last night, I made a last-minute trip to Arlington to see Clifford Lee take the mound against the Oakland As. The man pitched a complete game, giving up only one run, striking out 13, and basically living up to the moniker given to him by The Rev, as The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. However, the game ended up going to extra innings, and the way it happened made me so angry, that I got up from the bleachers, hurled a stream obscenities at the Rangers, grabbed my good ol' souvenir cup, and abruptly left the ballpark. Well, not even ten minutes later, Nelson Cruz hits a walk-off two-run homer, and the Rangers win, and where was I when it happened? I was in my car, far away from the action. That’s right; your boy broke one of the cardinal rules of fandom, by leaving a game early.

Take it from me; if no one else tells you, take heed to these words: do not let people make you mad. Over the course of three days, I have engaged in profanity-laced tirades at Roy Williams, a riveting, rousing, and rage-infested rant against Ed for his apologetic post about Eldorado Owens yesterday, and now it culminates with breaking a long-standing fan tradition, and looking like an idiot for letting my anger get the best of me.

All in all, people make me mad, but they shouldn’t be allowed to have this much power. Maybe the best thing to do is take a break from this thing called fandom for a while, and find a new hobby. Maybe then, I can get my sanity back...

...wait; who am I foolin’? Football season’s right around the corner. Damn some high blood pressure. I’m just gonna have to find a way to “woosah it out”, and keep from being angry, or at least be angry in moderation.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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