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Shock the World Chronicles: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

It’s that time of the year when we at ETSF partake in shocking the world all over the sports landscape. Our respective travels go all over, and it’s all in the spirit of good times, competition, and war stories. This trip had me traveling down I-35 South, en route to The Alamodome for the first two days of Dallas Cowboys training camp.

To understand this particular journey, one must go back to its inception. Nine years ago, while I was back home on summer vacation from college, three of my friends and I decided to pile up in a car, and drive to Wichita Falls, for training camp. Two of us were die-hard Cowboy fans, while the other two didn’t care for them at all, but since we were all united in the name of football, we made it work just fine. Sure, Wichita Falls was hot as hell, and the Cowboys sucked then, but the road trip with my boys was well worth it. The next year, the Cowboys changed the location to San Antonio, and we followed them. Since then, as long as the ‘Boys have been in San Antonio, I have made the trek solo, as well as with company.

This year was more of the same, in regards to people being out there, fans being decked out in Cowboys gear, as well as folks still wearing jerseys of people who don’t play here anymore. Sorry, but the last one always gets on my nerves. Who told people this was okay? Why not just spend $20, and get a shirt with your team on there, as opposed to wearing jerseys of cats that aren’t here anymore? Granted, folks can do what they want, but it doesn’t make them right. It just makes them look stupid. Speaking of which…

There's already drama at training camp, and it only took two practices for it to jump off. Dez Bryant has caught headlines, by refusing to carry Roy Williams’ pads after yesterday’s practice, and adding that he was brought here to win football games, not carry pads, and that he doesn’t mean any disrespect by not doing participating in this form of rookie hazing and tradition. Well, speaking as someone who was at the first two days of training camp and saw Bryant as the first one on the field, as well as the last one to leave both days (first day, he was 45 minutes early, and yesterday, he was on the field an hour early), I don't have a problem with what Dez didn't do or what he said at all. On top of that, it’s bum-ass Roy Williams asking him to do it. Well, it’s not so much that he’s a bum, but that he’s got an inflated sense of self, along with being a bum. Dude stunk it up out there yesterday, and has done so, ever since he became a Cowboy.

Last night, I launched into a profanity-laced tirade about it on Twitter, and while I still feel the same about Roy right now as I did last night, Dez will have to give in, on some level or another. Anytime you are looking to be a part of anything, whether its a team, a fraternity, a sorority, a marching band, or whatever, folks are going to mess with you a little bit. It comes with the territory of fitting in. Sure, you can say no to some of it and some of the people who ask/tell you to do something, but it’s virtually impossible to rebuke all of it. If someone else asks him to do something, like buy chicken, tacos, donuts, or whatever, then he should do it, but if the person is Roy *bleeping* Williams? There won’t be any argument from me, if he continues to refuse to do favors for that dude. Sorry.

All in all, the training camp experience was a blast, and a great way to kick off this season’s Shock the World Chronicles. It gave me an opportunity to talk to Cowboys fans from all over the place, and while I don’t think we’re America’s Team anymore, stuff like the past weekend’s events lets me know if we get our stuff together in the post-season, we certainly can be again. Plenty of folks who are connected to Ed and me are planning on engaging in plenty of activities as well, that are “Shock the World-worthy.” It will only make for an even better season of football for the fans involved.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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