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There's Nothing More Amazing than a Female Sports Fan

It’s one thing to sit in a room and have heated debates, passionate conversation, and original exchanges with your boys about what’s going on in the sports world. That’s a given, something that’s totally and completely expected and accepted by the mainstream. However, it’s an entirely different matter when you see a woman involved in these debates, and not only is she involved, she holds her own, and ends up proving she belongs. Where this came from, I have no idea. At this rate, it doesn’t even matter. I, along with plenty of my boys who love sports, simply thank God every single day for creating the specimen that is the female sports fan.

Last year, we ran a post on our site about women and football, how much women love the game, along with the trials and tribulations they experience in participating in the sacred time that is football season, but it doesn't stop there. There are women who are fans of baseball and basketball, and even some who like hockey. We don’t really talk hockey much at ETSF, though, so we'll stick with the big three for now.

Over the course of the season, I’ve overseen debates with women arguing about the Yankees, Orioles, Rangers, the Red Sox, and more. When I say debate, it’s exactly that. They know exactly who’s pitching, where the games are being held, the personalities of their team, the whole nine. It truly is a sight to sit back and stare at watching a female vent and erupt at the sight of her favorite team’s pitcher giving up a hit, or walking a batter with the bases loaded, or anything that suggests he isn’t doing his job. I’d go so far to say there aren’t too many feelings better than that, but if I had to pick one, it would be seeing a woman do the equivalent, except doing it during basketball season.

Basketball will always be my first love, and for any man who has a particular sport as their first love, you can ask that same man how he feels when he sees an woman share a similar passion for the game and can break it down to a T. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been fortunate to see female basketball fans chime in on LeBronapalooza, on the recent Dallas Mavericks trade involving Erick Dampier and Tyson Chandler, as well as the Knicks signing Amar’e Stoudemire. They can break down exactly why Miami can’t win the title as currently constructed, or why the Mavericks trade is only the small part of a bigger plan, or how Stoudemire makes the Knicks better, but they still need more to contend.

During the NBA Playoffs, you had female basketball fans who were just as invested into the games as dudes were. They’d cheer on their team, cuss out a player, motivate ‘em, and anything else it took to be a part of the game, and do so in an authentic way. From a personal standpoint, of the four times I shocked the world during the NBA Playoffs by attending games in person, two of them were with die-hard female basketball fans, and if anyone knows about the sacred time that is the NBA Playoffs, that speaks volumes to how valued and appreciated female sports fans are.

Despite the fact that baseball and basketball season brought out plenty of female sports fans, football season will have them out like no other. You’ll see sites that are run exclusively by female football fans, as well as bloggers who post about football and nothing but, 24/7. If you’re on Twitter, you’ll find women whose tweets are pretty much all football-related. There will be your fans who are rounding up the troops to head to their favorite team’s mini-camp, as well as your fans who will get ready to hit their team’s home games, and a road game, whether the football is of the NFL or NCAA variety.

You’ll have your female counterparts setting up fantasy football leagues, coordinating watch parties, and talkin’ crazy all week long, until the weekend finally hits. Plus, I'm convinced that Rita would be the most cutthroat GM alive, after seeing her philosophy a few months ago on NFL players looking to get their contracts re-negotiated, if she was in charge. It’s certainly enough to make the hardest dude smile, and a grown man cry. For all these reasons and more, the start of football season can’t get here any sooner, baseball can go on forever, and basketball season can’t be much farther away. Thanks for all female sports fans for enhancing the sports experience of everyone involved.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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