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The Truth About Tim Tebow

As we have progressed through the summer and begin progressing into training camp, Tim Tebow, the 25th-overall selection in April's draft, has now signed his five-year, $11.25 million contract with $8.7 million guaranteed. The man has is already the top-seller in the NFL in jerseys sold, he's pitching drawls for Jockey, he's the face for EA Sports NCAA Football '11 and Nike is rolling out its football campaign with Tebow as its focus.

However, for a man who's played in an Urban Meyer offense that has never produced a quality NFL quarterback (if you think Alex Smith is a quality NFL QB then your face should have a conversation with my 5 fingers), for a man who stole won the Heisman only because Oregon's Dennis Dixon tore his ACL, and for a man who's QB skills are "in progress"...the media, Broncos' head coach Josh McDaniels, and the general public has crowned this man as the next big thing...will he be? The question is, why have we let it get this far?

Look, you know me. I'm a born and bred Oklahoma Sooner fan. To see them lose the way they did against Florida in the National Championship two years ago hurt me to no end. I don't have any love for the Gators at all. I'll also admit that I was one of those folks that used to go around saying "Eff Tebow" whenever he came up in a rousing dialogue about college football. So I want to make this point perfectly clear so everyone understands how I feel about "God's Second Favorite QB

I don't hate Tim Tebow at all. In fact, I want the man to succeed and prove all the doubters wrong.

There's only one problem in that statement, and I think to a large degree many of you who will read this will feel the same way.

I personally do not believe it is possible for Tim Tebow to be a great quarterback in the NFL. I don't see it in his skillset, I don't see it in his past performance, and I'm not sure his tutelage at Florida will really help him along the way.

Tim Tebow's career path in my opinion, will share a similar fate to what we've seen in another "Great White Hype" of memory's past. Mr. Christian Laettner. Christian Laettner will arguably go down as one of the greatest COLLEGE basketball players in history. Ultimately though, we will always remember him being the randomest 12th man on the original Dream Team, and having an NBA career that definitely didn't live up to his years at Duke.

Laettner wasn't a bad player in the NBA, not at all. He just wasn't a star, not even close. He was serviceable. In 5 years, do we think Tebow will be one of the top 5 QB's in the league? Top 10 QB's in the league? Hell, will he even be starting in 5 years?

What we truly have to remember is this, none of this, in any way shape or form is Tim Tebow's fault. No one made him sign his rookie contract, which at the 25th pick, was 18.5% HIGHER than the 25th pick from 2009. Nope, be mad at the GM and owner for writing that check. No one has vaulted Tebow into the Lorenzo-scope more than ESPN, and yet if this man does not live up to the expectations that have been set before him...we're going to crucify the man.

No, literally, he will be crucified.

Look at how we've killed Jamarcus Russell, and I didn't give a damn about him when he was in college. Tebow? I could only imagine the scenario if he bombs out.

I think as righteous, intelligent, and sincere fans, we've got to be better than that. I'm not saying we don't hold Tebow accountable for who he is and what he does on the football field, all I'm saying is whatever those expectations are, I hope you have them in the proper perspective.

Besides, you can't be God's second favorite quarterback if you're not even the 2nd-string quarterback on your own team. I hope you make it Tebow, I really do.


1) God's Favorite Quarterback is Kurt Warner, and you can't tell me different.


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