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Tony Dungy, Leave Rex Ryan Alone

Are we allowed to crucify Tony Dungy?

I mean, I see how you all reacted when I told Michael Jordan to shut up, so I wonder how you people will deal with me if I crucify God's favorite head coach. You know what; I'm not going to crucify the former Colts' head man, because this issue is a bit bigger than what it seems like on the surface.

When Tony Dungy pulled Rex Ryan's card for his use of profanity on HBO's
Hard Knocks, what he did was not only cast judgment on Jets' coach Rex Ryan, but he cast judgment on the entire league. There's a popular phrase that many athletes and rappers use for tattoos as motivation to help them deal with the madness, and someone should've told Rex to say this in response..."Only God can judge me."

Now let me be clear; I'm not going to condone athletes using drugs (be it the kind that makes you stronger or the kind that makes you hungry), or committing crimes or hitting on women. I will never do that. However, I've gotten to a point where I generally don't pay attention to the sports crime blotter. I don't care when some of these athletes say some of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life. I can't do it. I can't give sports that type of attention. You know why I don't?

Because sports wouldn't be fun anymore.

I don't come to sports to get my moral standing. I have church for that. I have a mother for that. I've got old men in my family for that. I don't go to sports to look for my role models, but I'm a grown man, and I'm a role model for kids I mentor now. Because of that, I can see where Tony Dungy is coming from. Kids are going to be watching the Jets on Hard Knocks, and because of that they're going to hear Rex cursing like its about to go out of style. I get it.

But Tony...its on HBO! Premium cable! Cursing is what they do! Who's responsibility is it really to prevent cursing on this show? It isn't like Bill Parcells, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, or Herman Edwards didn't curse on previous seasons of Hard Knocks. Hell, I think a lot of people watch this show just to see how coaches berate the players constantly in practice and in training camp.

Plus...Tony...come on, brother; my light-skinned brother...you just gon' tell on Rex Ryan??? You're gonna go tell on him to Roger Goddell, and see if he can prevent all the "cussin"? Have you lost your mind, brother? I thought it was bad enough that the NFL only called on you to mentor our "lost black athletes" (as in, why don't they call in Tony Dungy to mentor all of of lost athletes. Did they call Dungy when Big Ben went in at Milledgeville, Georgia...I digress.) I just don't know how I really feel about this. I'm going to stop now because I respect the man as a phenomenal leader and he is someone I respect as a leader and role model. However...

For the life of me, I want cussing and other shenanigans and tomfoolery on Hard Knocks, its a big reason why I watch it. If that makes me a savage, or a vile miscreant, then so be it.


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