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The ETSF College Football 2010-11 Preseason All-Americans

In what has become an annual tradition around these parts, its that time of year again to put out the 3rd Annual ETSF College Football Preseason All-Americans list. Some of you will be mad at me, and trust me...its going to be okay. This list has partially been made TO make you mad, or at least make you re-evaluate who truly might be the best players in all of college football. Check out the 2008 and the 2009 list when you get a chance. Check my resume fam, my record's impeccable.

Are you ready? Like I said, don't be mad at me that I didn't select "your guy". Just tell your guy to prove me wrong.

QB Jake Locker, Washington (Sr.) - The most physically gifted quarterback in college football is finally healthy again to take one more assault on Pac-10 defenses. Folks forget that last year Locker led UDubb to an astonishing 16-13 victory over USC. Folks forget that he's only the 19th player in college football history to throw for 300 and run for 100 in a game. ('07 vs. Arizona) Folks forget that ESPN's Todd McShay projected Locker to be the #1 pick in THIS YEAR's draft!

Honorable Mentions - Kellen Moore, Boise St.; Terrelle Pryor, Ohio St.; Josh Nesbitt, Ga. Tech.

RB Mark Ingram, Alabama (Jr.) - You thought the Heisman wasn't going to be on this list? It was interesting watching him last year, and at a certain point I just "felt" he was going to win. When I made the statement backing him, everyone cast stones. Check out Kenny's comments last year when I spoke up about Ingram.

RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State (Jr.) - In my opinion, he's the most fascinating tailback out this year. I almost made him 1st-team All-American last season, but now coming into his third season "The Quizz Show" is battle-tested and has by far the coolest nickname going right now.

Honorable Mentions - Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh; Noel Devine, West Virginia; Evan Royster, Penn St.

What I'm telling you is...pay attention.

WR James Rodgers, Oregon State (Sr.) - Last year I got a ton of grief from Cool Black & Hook'em about me not selecting Alabama's Julio Jones at wideout. Look fellas, if this was a "who are simply the most talented at their position" list then he'd be up here. Being an All-American is about performance during the year, and since Julio plays for Nick Saban...he's not catching enough balls to make the list. Therefore, I defer to Quizz Show's older brother, James Rodgers. Watching these two do work in the Pac-10 is astounding, because they look like they're out there just clowning. Big Bro James will have another monster year in Corvallis.

WR A.J. Green, Georgia (Jr.) - He's the best wide receiver in the game period. Just gotta stop celebrating like that in the endzone...

Honorable Mentions - Julio Jones, Alabama; Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma; Greg Salas, Hawai'i.

TE D.J. Williams, Arkansas (Sr.) - Physically, he's got all the tools. Plus, he has another potential candidate for not only All-American, but Arkansas' Ryan Mallett (yeah, that Ryan Mallett that was playing QB for Rich Rod at Michigan) is getting legitimate Heisman buzz. If Mallett performs, Williams becomes the beneficiary.

Honorable Mentions - George Bryan, NC State; Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame.

OL Jason Pinkston, Pittsburgh (Sr.)
OL Rodney Hudson, Florida State (Sr.)
OL Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State (Sr.)
OL Mike Pouncey, Florida (Sr.)
OL Cory Brandon, Oklahoma (Sr.) - Look, they all block really really well. What more do you really need to know?

DL Von Miller, Texas A&M (Sr.)

DL Jared Crick, Nebraska (Jr.)
DL Cameron Heyward, Ohio State (Sr.) - Let me say this about Cameron Heyward. First off, being the son of legendary tailback Craig "Ironhead" Heyward is dope as hell (RIP). Second, dude is 6'6", 290 and moves like a little girl frolicking through a field of flowers. I'll be in Columbus to watch the showdown between the Buckeyes and "Da UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" in September. Let's go.
DL Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma (Sr.)

LB Lawrence Wilson, Connecticut (Sr.)
LB Greg Jones, Michigan State (Sr.)
LB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma (Jr.) - This is going to sound like a homer pick, but I can assure you its not. Lewis, a 4.3-40 running outside linebacker broke a couple of OU freshman records, once established by Brian Bosworth. He eclipsed the mark for most freshman season tackles (144) and most tackles by a freshman in a game (19) against Texas. I think he's the best linebacker in America, and its not even close.

Honorable Mentions - Luke Kuechly, Boston College; Carmen Messina, New Mexico; Nick Bellore, Central Michigan

CB Kenric Burney - Sr. - North Carolina

CB Patrick Peterson, LSU (Jr.) - In 2009, Peterson held Georgia's AJ Green and Alabama's Julio Jones to a combined seven catches. Most folks wouldn't throw to Peterson's side because his lockdown skills were impeccable.

FS Rahim Moore, UCLA (Jr.)

SS DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (Sr.) - Last season these two ball hawks combined for 18 interceptions, and with the ever-changing game of football you have to have game-changing safeties. UCLA and Clemson will show marked improvement in 2010 and their safeties will be key reasons why.

Honorable Mentions - Brandon Harris, Miami; Blake Gideon, Texas; Tyler Sash, Iowa

P Drew Butler, Georgia (Jr.)
K Kai Forbath, UCLA (Sr.) - They can kick the ball real real far and real real straight. What else do you need to know?

KR Titus Young, Boise State (Sr.)
PR Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma (Jr.) - Both of these dudes could easily make an All-American team at their wide receiver positions, but they are both electric returning punts & kicks. Yes, it pains me to put a Boise player next to an Oklahoma player but you know what? I'm over it. Ok, I'm lying, I'm not over it. Just watch the video.

Selections by conference...

Pac-10: 5
SEC: 6
Big 12: 6
Big 10: 3
Big East: 2
ACC: 3
WAC: 1

Let the debate begin once again, who did I leave off that should be here? Any choices for the 2011 Heisman Winner?


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