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Aint No Party Like a Twitter Watch Party

If you’re a sports fan, then it’s safe to say you’ve engaged in times with friends when you would all get together, eat some food, have some drinks, talk trash, and pretty much enjoy, and despise, each other’s company. Whether it’s March Madness, the Super Bowl, the National Championship, the NBA Playoffs, or any other sports event, good times are had by all. Granted, if your team loses, you'll probably be pissed, but rarely will you trade in the fellowship you engage in with your people, and even better than that, is the fact that you can't wait to do it again.

Despite the fact all those are good, you’ve never really experienced football fellowship, until you’ve been a part of a Football Sunday on Twitter. Sure, you still may be at your local Buffalo Wild Wings, Champs, or even at the house, but wherever you are, you’re still checking your Twitter as well, just to see how folks are reacting to the same thing you’re watching. It may well be the single-greatest way to enjoy a game that has ever been conceived.

Folks who don’t like football are helpless as the barrage of tweets from each and every game floods their timeline like a typhoon. People who try to tweet about other topics have their timelines drowned out by a relentless barrage of analogies, re-tweets, catcalls, and cuss words. At this point, I think I’ve lost a couple of followers myself in the first two Sundays of football season, but it doesn’t even matter, because when it comes to this form of fellowship, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Even in the midst of being constantly reminded that my Cowboys are now 0-2 (courtesy of the homie, DragonflyJonez), something took place yesterday that sent Twitter into a frenzy. I mean it sent Twitter into full-chaos mode, full anarchy, and a complete and total shut-down. One man immediately put the still photo up as soon as it took place. Ed wrote an obituary about it not too long after the incident took place. It was when Randall Gene Moss absolutely embarrassed, destroyed, and snatched the soul, dignity, pride, and self-respect of Darrelle Revis. When the play happened, Twitter went nuts, and for those who were unable to witness this abomination, it was captured, via my timeline.

…and there’s more.


To make things even better, tonight we get Till’s San Francisco 49ers against Bryant’s New Orleans Saints, and not only will Buffalo Wild Wings in Bedford be on and poppin’, another Twitter watch party will take place as well. This is easily the most wonderful time of the year, and to think: we have such a long way to go.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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