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The Biggest Teases in Sports Today

There are some folks who just have "it" and there are others who simply don't.

Fellas, you all remember that one woman in particular, fine just isn't a great enough word to describe how good looking she is. Seems to always be genuinely interested in you, but just aloof enough for you to think that you don't really have a chance. She leads you on making you think you are THE one, then she acts the same way with 3-4 other guys. You make a move on her like only a true man would, not waiting on the sidelines, and you might get to first base even...but, no score.

There are athletes that I watch on a consistent basis that tend to make me feel this way as well. They have the talent to make all the plays that only an elite athlete can. You watch them on the field of battle and it seems like that they can do it all, except for one small problem...they can't.

Jay Cutler and Tony Romo

Watching the highlights of the Bears vs. Cowboys game this past Sunday, I gave Kenny a call and chopped it up with him about the game. I did this with the slight intention of seeing how upset he was after his Cowboys lost again, and he was upset. However, the first thing the man said was, "Why doesn't Jay Cutler play like that all the time?"

Good question, why doesn't Cutler play like that all the time? Cutler's got all the tools to be an elite QB, but man...it seems like for 3-4 plays during a game the man loses his mind like the fine woman I described earlier walked across the 50-yard line while Devin Hester was running a button hook. Cutler's been doing it to us since '06, and his play over the last two games just continues to make us say, "Why doesn't he do this all the time?"

Romo is a slightly different case, he came literally from nowhere (Eastern Illinois) and was a diamond in the rough. The problem, some would say, is that he went to the Dallas Cowboys. He's considered the golden child and was anointed as such as soon as he was able to make an impact on the football field. Let me be the first to say it, about 90% of fans of other football teams would LOVE to have Romo as our quarterback. However, I don't know how good Romo truly is. The expectation of the Dallas Cowboys is to be America's Team and to win titles. Romo's doing the best he can, and I don't know if its good enough.

Andy Roddick

Have you ever heard someone who's received more acclaim and really hasn't done anything of significance since winning the U.S. Open in 2003. (When he beat Juan Carlos Ferrero, by the way. Not Federer or a Nadal who wasn't in his prime yet.) He's got one of the best serves known to man and when you see him on the court it just seems that he should be in the elite. He's just not, he's not that good. The worst thing that ever happened to him WAS winning the U.S. Open in '03, because it jaded every American sports mind to think that he could do it again, he just can't.

Carlos Beltran

Look, this will be one of the few times I'll ever openly talk down on one of my Puerto-Rican brothers, but it has to be done. Carlos Beltran is one of the most gifted outfielders I've ever seen play the game of baseball, but for the love of God I've never seen a man seem so lethargic in my life. Moreover, I've never seen a man made of paper mache, pixie sticks, balsam wood, cray paper, hot velveeta, and anything else that's fragile, frail, feathery, and flimsy. The man is a ski-mask all-star if I've ever seen one (dude is the 5th highest paid player in baseball making $19.2 million in 2010) and every time it seems like he's finally back, his knees break apart like some child hitting a pinata.

Rasheed Wallace

There's never been a player more loved for more purely random reasons than 'Sheed. Me included. Kenny and I love 'Sheed, that's our dude. The man got a championship wrestling belt made when the Pistons won their championship in 2004, that alone was enough for me. Plus, have you ever heard the ways his teammates speak of him? Its unreal.

Moreover, I've never seen a power forward outside of Tim Duncan...naw, I won't even say that, I've never seen a more talented power forward than Rasheed Wallace in my entire life. The man can do literally anything on the basketball court. Hold down the block, rebound, shoot, pass, etc. Only one problem, the man had no desire to be a lead dog and prove himself on a day-to-day basis. 'Sheed was insanely content on leaning back and playing in "his" role, which was a role no one wanted him to have. Eventually, teams stopped forcing him to be that guy and let him be him, but to this day when 'Sheed has put his mind to it, no one's been better, and that's why he was the biggest damn tease I've ever seen in my life.


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