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ETSF All Create-A-Player Team

Back in my former life, plenty of days, nights, and weekends were spent playing an assortment of video games. Whether it was on Nintendo, Sega, or Playstation, you couldn’t tear me away from playing them, especially sports video games. Sure, there was some Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and stuff like that mixed in, but the way my video game experience was complete was because of Tecmo Bowl, Madden, and NBA Live.

About nine years ago, I renounced my relationship with playing video games. Honestly, it wasn’t a thought-out decision; nothing that merits a deep analysis or anything like that. It just so happened that once I gave them up, an inordinate amount of free time just came out of nowhere. After that, I decided the free time that was acquired outweighed the time put into video games, but there’s an aspect of video games, especially Madden and NBA Live, that will live for eternity within me: the concept of the Create-a-Player.

We all know about Create-a-players, right? Come on now; we all created a wide receiver that was 6’3, 230, with 99 speed, 99 agility, and 99 hands. The only problem is forgetting to do something about his injury rating, and all it took was dude gettin’ hit, and he’d be out of the lineup for a while. The same went for basketball; create some super-freak of a hooper, who leads the league in damn near every category, but had the durability of soft serve ice cream, Fig Newtons, a carton of Goldfish, and a melted Hershey’s Cookie and Cream candy bar.

Anyway, your boys (or girls, if they were allowed to play) would get heated, because they’d always say it wasn’t fair to use the player you created, because no one like that exists in real life. Well, thanks to extended free time, as well as the desire to just try something different, a list has been assembled of the first-ever ETSF All Create-a-Player Team.

LeBron James – This one’s self-explanatory. The King came into the league as a freak-of-nature, only to continue to get better, along with people questioning if he really weighs 280 pounds, while being the fastest on the court, with unfair court vision, unreal hops, superb passing ability, etc. His exploits have already been ridiculous, which are sure to increase, now that he's got top-tier talent around him.

Tim Tebow – When you look at Tebow, you may be deceived at first, but once he got on the field, he put up ridiculous stats, won a Heisman, and two national championships. It took him getting absolutely blindsided and yulled on by a UK defender to get hurt, and even the most lethal create-a-player couldn’t survive a shot like that. Despite the blow, he sat out for a couple of weeks, only to return and wreak havoc for the rest of the season.

Randy Moss – Tall, fast, great hands, great feet, hops; this is the ultimate Create-A-Player at wide receiver. In my day, plenty of Randall Genes were created on Madden, well before the dude hit the mainstream for everyone to see. He’s the ultimate video game receiver, and even though he’s 13 years deep, he still does things that make folks lose their damn minds.

Michael Vick – Arguably the most electrifying football player of all-time, The Vick was a highlight reel from Virginia Tech to ATL, and now with the Eagles. He’s the type of Create-a-Player where folks gave super speed and a cannon for an arm, but would fumble like crazy, and gets hurt every other play. Well, the old Vick did. The 2010 version may end up being the most lethal one of all.

Allen Iverson – If you lacked the desire to make your player the biggest and most overwhelming, then you simply made him the smallest, and the best. Iverson was just that. The man got buckets, played hurt, and always played harder than anyone else on the court. Sure, someone forgot to adjust the injury meter (see a theme here?), but even though he got nicked up, he kept coming back for more.

The Godfather: Bo Jackson – All you had to do was play Tecmo Bowl, and if you did, then you’ll understand why this man was a monster. Hell, after seeing how great he was in real life, the case can be made that Tecmo Bowl still didn’t make him good enough.


Be easy.
-K. Masenda

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