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Let The Shenanigans Begin: Oklahoma vs. Texas Is Here

Since the start of the 21st century, there has been no better rivalry in college football than Oklahoma vs. Texas. Since the 2000 BCS National Championship game, these two teams have been involved in six of the title games, winning two of them. Some of the most dynamic players at their position of all-time have come from these two schools. Players like Adrian Peterson, Vince Young, Roy Williams (safety version), and Derrick Johnson have made plays in this series that you can only dream up in your mind.

However, this past Saturday, Texas decided to leave their collective souls in the locker room and allow themselves to get skulldrug at home against a UCLA team that hasn't been good since Karim Abdul-Jabbar was running the ball for the school from Westwood. Moreover, Oklahoma got themselves into another slobber-knocker with a scrappy 2-time defending Big East champion Cincinnati Bearcats, and squeaked by with a 31-29 win. The funny thing is...the trash talk had already begun before Oklahoma fans could even begin to appreciate the victory.

It would seem that with Texas having one loss, and Oklahoma having struggled to beat Utah State, Air Force, and Cincinnati, that this game might not be as big of a deal. Yet, not even 30 minutes after Oklahoma squeaked by with their victory, I updated my Facebook to simply say, "A win is a win, we'll take it. Boomer Sooner", I got an unfathomable message from a Texas fan and dear friend of mine that read, "If that's the attitude you and your lame ass team (wants to) take then they will NEVER get another shot at a BCS title. The voters want impressive victories, not squeakers against Air Force/Utah State. Yeah Texas (is) a one loss team but a Hook 'em victory on Saturday will make today worth it. Bum ass Sooner fans." - G. Napier aka Hook'em 100210

The bad thing is, I got like 7-8 messages from other Texas fans saying the same thing. These people had already gotten over the fact that their beloved Longhorns had lost the game, and were throwing all of their hatred and angst for my beloved Oklahoma Sooners for a game that was a week away. The paint hadn't even dried yet and these dudes were throwing stones. Okay, I gotcha.

The funny thing is, I didn't get one message, email, text, tweet, telegram, smoke signal, or anything from an Oklahoma fan about the Texas game. Why? Because the Cincinnati Bearcats were too busy playing the game of their lives against us. Isaiah Pead is going to the NFL just off of his mixtape-esque performance against our defense. Dude was running wind sprints at Paul Brown Stadium. It seems like every team that's a major underdog against Oklahoma seems to play the game of their lives against us. That's not a coincidence, nor is it a knock against Oklahoma's opponents. When you play the big dogs, people come trying to knock your head off. However, great teams deal with that pressure and find ways to win.

Do I feel that way about Oklahoma this season? Any Oklahoma fan who pays attention would tell you that Landry Jones makes us as nervous as giving a pizza face 16-year old boy the keys to the Maserati. Our defense is about as soft as hot velveeta, fairies wishes, pixie sticks, chicken bones, cray paper, and a tempur-pedic mattress. Our offensive coordinator has turned an offense that was built on north/south running, a down-the-field vertical passing attack, and playing with a physical attitude, to an offense that looks like someone turned on Madden and decided to play it on Rookie. In other words, I hate it.

So here's the deal, I have no idea how good Oklahoma or Texas truly is. Texas can't run the ball, they're asking a true sophomore quarterback with 4 games total experience to throw the ball 40+ times a game, and they have a defense who's good but is replacing superstar talent that can't be replaced. Oklahoma? Well, Oklahoma can't run the ball either, they're asking their junior quarterback who's mostly known for his moustache to throw the ball 50+ times a game, and they have a defense who's decent but is replacing superstar talent that can't be replaced.

This has the makings to be a phenomenal game on Saturday, or it could be one of the most pathetic showings of college football we've seen from this rivalry game in years. Regardless you must understand the following:

1) If Oklahoma beats Texas, they are definitively in the running for the 2011 National Title game.
2) Texas only has one thing left to play for, to beat Oklahoma.
3) Re-read points #1 and #2.

The Red River Shootout is five days away, you're going to see venom spewed in the comments section, on Kenny, B-Lew, and Ed's twitter/facebook pages, and the radio show is going to be nuts. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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