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The Michael Vick Experience, Part Deux

16 of 24, 175 passing yards, 1 TD. 11 carries for 103 rushing yards.

In a losing effort, Michael Vick balled out against the Green Bay Packers this weekend, and it was something to see on Twitter and Facebook the amount of celebration and adulation that was given to #7. It was even people that "I would assume" would never cheer for Vick again, were openly texting and calling me talking about, "Did you see Mike Vick?" Even when I chopped it up with John Cena on Monday, he was genuinely excited and happy for the man.

So what are we really going to see from Michael Vick in the 2010 season? We've always known that Vick was able to run, and make plays outside the pocket. However, the biggest phenomenon of the weekend is this...he actually looked like a legitimate quarterback, with a pocket presence.

Now lets be perfectly clear about how I've felt about Michael Vick pre-"the dogfighting massacre". I've come out and said that Michael Vick would not be able to win a Super Bowl because he was unable to be a prolific passing quarterback. However, we forget that Michael Vick was CARRYING those horrendous Atlanta Falcons teams to unseen heights in the A. (Minus the '98 Falcons Super Bowl team) Now, there's no pressure on Vick, he's basically playing for a job in 2011 and beyond, and by in large this is the best offensive scheme and personnel he's ever been around in his life.

This man made Algernon Darius "Alge" Crumpler a 4-time pro bowler.

Maybe there's something to be said about the great Donovan McNabb reaching out to Michael Vick to join the Eagles, then having him sit back and WATCH the game of football. He got to learn the game again, and for someone like Vick who admittedly never put the work in to be an elite QB, this could be an epic change in Vick's growth as a QB. The issue with Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb really doesn't have nearly as much to do with each others talent as much as the ability that Michael Vick has in instilling confidence in his teammates. If Mike Vick balls out again versus Detroit, you think the fans and the players will be clamoring for Kevin Kolb? Most backup QB's are good enough to just "do the job" but aren't usually going to make you immediately forget who the starter is. Kevin Kolb's got a problem.

Doesn't matter that Michael Vick's Q-Rating makes him the most hated athlete in the NFL. Mike Vick rolled out that pocket, got around the corner, and reminded us that maybe the most electrifying man in professional football history still has some juice left...and he's making passes in the pocket?

Good grief...good luck Detroit.


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