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The Saturday Link - The WAC Ain't Wack

Its Saturday, and I usually don't post anything during the weekend, but its something I've been going back and forth on and I needed to get it out my system. Ponder this with me for a second about the Western Athletic Conference...

Utah State came THIS close to beating Oklahoma in week one. Hawaii gave USC all they could handle in week one. Fresno State, just mollywhopped the 2-time Big East champion Cincinnati last week, and Nevada just beat a perennial Pac-10 power (for what that's worth) in Cal last night. Oh yeah, then there was that Boise game...

Of course, we don't know what that Boise State victory really means. Yeah, they looked phenomenal after they beat Virginia Tech in primetime a couple of weeks ago, but then they lose to 1-AA power James Madison. Check out our partner Uncle King as he interviews James Madison head coach Mickey Matthews as they recap the madness that was James Madison's victory over V-Tech.

At the end of the day, football is football. Yeah, the WAC isn't the most formidable conference, but we've got to pay respect to the 1984 national champion BYU Cougars who played a similar hodge-podge schedule but got their big wins where they could and won the title against a 6-5 (!!!!) Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl. (My how things have changed) However, these teams in the WAC probably deserves a bit more respect than what they're getting. Of course, Nevada, Fresno State and Boise State are all leaving for the Mountain West in a year or two, and the MWC is putting themselves in a position to have a super conference.

However...will we finally take that conference seriously? We'll see.

Check out some other great reads for the weekend.

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Nice Kicks - "Nike Zoom Hurache Trainer Pro Combat Collection"

Someone buy me a pair of those Nike's please? Thanks.


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