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The Shock The World Chronicles: Interview with John Cena & Monday Night Raw

Its crazy to think that I almost decided not to show up.

Sometimes, the sports gods will put you into precarious situations. Some of you experienced it on Saturday, with the unfair circumstance of having three prime-time college football games come on at the same time (fail on the program directors). Well, on Monday night, I faced an ultimate decision.

Doubleheader of Monday Night Football...or two tickets, ten rows up, live at Monday Night Raw, in Cincinnati. I mean, goodness gracious, you don't get double-headers of Monday Night Football but once a year, and it was Jets vs. Ravens in the opener? However, a wise old man told me something I've never forgotten: "never pass anything up that you might only get once chance to experience. It will haunt you."

Monday Night Raw it is.

Earlier in the day, the good folks at WWE Studios reached out to us at Ed The Sports Fan and granted an interview with the legend from West Newberry, Massachusetts, Mr. John Cena. First off, let me say this; when I walked into the room to interview the man, I was like, "dang, dude ain't that big." Then, dude stood up. Okay, I can't whoop you, John Cena. No, I can't.

John's also the lead role in the new movie, "Legendary," along with Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson. We talked about the movie a bit, plus some wrestling and music as well.

Eddie Maisonet: Pleasure to meet you this afternoon. They taking care of you okay today?

John Cena: Yeah, man; nothing but granola bars and green tea. (laughs)

Ed: So tell us a little bit about the movie "Legendary" and what it's about.

Cena: It's a great story about a young man who uses amateur wrestling as a format to bring a broken home back together. Its a very feel-good inspirational sports movie.

Ed: Are there some things in the movie that you see in yourself and your past?

Cena: Yeah, definitely. As soon as I read the script, I knew I wanted to be a part of the story, regardless of what my role was going to be. Reminds me a lot of Rudy, Hoosiers, or even Tin Cup.

Ed: Now you're in Cincinnati, and there's a local legend that used to reside here in Miami University's own "Flying" Brian Pillman. What's your past experience with him?

Cena: Not a ton of experience, I remember watching him growing up. However, I performed at the last Pillman memorial show that was contracted through Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWE. In a weird six degrees of separation, in my match at the Pillman memorial I wrestled some guy you might've heard of named Randy Orton. Tonight, in the main event, I'll be fighting Randy Orton. Weird.

Ed: My boy Cool Black wanted to know how you felt when you witnessed The Ultimate Warrior take down Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania Six?

Cena: I felt awful, I was a Hulkamaniac. I don't think you could NOT pay attention to The Ultimate Warrior, how crazy he was back then. I was a Hulkamaniac, and if I could take it back I wish it wouldn't have happened.

Ed: Now you mentioned being a Hulkamaniac, going further back, how did you get into wrestling and who were your favorite wrestlers?

Cena: Growing up my dad was a huge wrestling fan, didn't love sports, just wrestling. My dad got cable to watch wrestling. I grew up on NWA, AWA, WWF, everything. My dude was Magnum T.A., my dad's guy was Dusty Rhoades, really liked watching Sgt. Slaughter, and even the Von Erichs from Texas. I was a kid. I cheered the good guys; booed the bad guys!

Ed: Now, I know you have a relationship with Freddie Foxx, and I've heard that you're working on an album?

Cena: Yeah, I just spoke with him a couple of days ago. We're working on a few songs. Foxx has a catalog that would blow folks away. He makes Tupac's catalog look ridiculous (RIP), and if you are a hip-hop head you will truly appreciate some of the things that Foxx is going to put.

Ed: Now, some folks know, and others don't. You played center back in college, and you're a big football fan. What were you're thoughts on this weekend in football?

Cena: Well, Philadelphia is definitely kicking themselves, dropping that game the way they did against the Packers. Its good to see Mike Vick getting some snaps. The game of the week was Michigan vs. Notre Dame without a doubt. The game in South Bend, was a phenomenal contest. Great game.

Ed: You've been involved with WWE for so long, where do you see the company going the next couple of years?

Cena: We're going to continue to push going Global. We just came from China a couple of months ago, we're getting in more television networks and we want WWE in every television in the world.

A couple of other key points about attending Monday Night Raw:

- You can't tell me some of the things they do in the ring ain't real. Dudes was getting kicked in the chest, landing on they neck all funny, and going through tables like it was going out of style. It looked extremely fun and hazardous all at the same time.

- Jimmy Snuka's daughter Sarona aka "Tamina" is bad.

- Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson hosting Raw was very cool and a tad weird, like I expected the Cincy fans to cheer, but again...I heard some boos mixed in to the cheers. This city makes me scratch my head again and again. However, my main man B-Lew straight up called it when he said that The Miz would call Chad out. Sure enough, 15 minutes in...he did.

- Based off the main event and the carnage after the cameras went off, Randy Orton will win the "Night of Champions" main event on the pay-per-view this Sunday in Chicago. That's my educated guess, but he did like 17 RKO's on Nexus, Cena, Edge, Jericho, and Sheamus.

- Yes, I love wrestling, and I'm 27 years old. If you think its strange, then go swan dive off a cliff.


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