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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Labor Day Edition

Unsportsmanlike Conduct is an ongoing series in which Ed The Sports Fan brings you the important events, haps, people, and other shenanigans over the past weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained on this Labor Day, the first Monday in September, as you somehow try and crash some folks barbecue that you show up empty-handed, or there's no libation, or you simply don't even know the person hosting. You're crashing it...and that's totally acceptable.

Its the first Monday in September...and its time to set the tone. You know if I break out an Unsportsmanlike Conduct post then its not a game out here in these streets. LEGGGGGO!

1. Replacing Three Legends Ain't Easy - From 2007 to 2009, we were all witnesses to the greatness of three quarterbacks. Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Tim Tebow. All three went to a national championship game, and all three are poised to be future NFL starting quarterbacks in the near future. However, from what we saw of Landry Jones, Garrett Gilbert, and John Brantley and their football teams is that they've still got a lot of work to do in their reloading process. The real problem with these three teams is that they are all really young. With the amount of talent these three teams lost last year, it will take a couple of games to get rolling. If Oklahoma plays Utah State in the mid-season they roll them, but Utah State was a senior-laden team and they came to play. Rice and Miami (OH) gave Texas and Florida their best shot, and played them tough in a week 1 bout. Remember this...the big boys in the NFL get four preseason games. In college, you get none. Which leads me to this...

2. Texas Christian 30, Oregon State 21 - There was a lot of hype about this game, hell Jerry Jones just made up his own game, the Cowboys Classic. This was an exciting game to watch until the last 4 minutes of the game when Oregon State's center inexplicably snapped the ball over Ryan Katz head. Here are a couple of quick takeaways.

- Andy Dalton is the real deal, he might not be an NFL starting QB, but he's going to make someone's team.

- TCU have the nicest uniforms I've ever seen. Better than all 238 Oregon uniforms. Period.

- The Rodgers Brothers are legit. James Rodgers looks like he'll be a beast slot receiver in the league someday, and although I lost my bet about Jacquizz Rodgers getting 100 yards (he finished with 18 carries, 75 yards) I think he had a good night. He just didn't get enough carries at the end of the day. That last drive killed that opportunity.

- I don't care if TCU goes undefeated, I don't think they should go to a national championship game this year. All things considered, I lobbied that TCU had a legitimate gripe for not getting picked over Texas for a chance to play Alabama in the national championship. This year, I'm not nearly as willing to back that gripe. Look, Oregon State was picked to finish 5th in a decrepit Pac-10 conference this year, and TCU doesn't play anyone else noteworthy other than Utah and BYU. As much credit as I gave the Mountain West last year, this year I just witnessed New Mexico get skull-drug by Oregon 72-0 and I witnessed Colorado State lose to Colorado 41-3. That's horrible. TCU's non-conference just isn't as daunting, so unless everyone else is a 2-loss team at the end of the season, I'm not sure I can support that cause this year. Which leads me to this...

3. Monday Night Football, Boise State vs. Virginia Tech - For all of the big games we got to watch in week 1 of the college football season, this game in particular is the one that matters most. This is probably the biggest regular-season road game in Boise State history, from traveling to D.C., to their opponent in perennial power Virginia Tech, to the #3 ranking that has been placed on them this season.

Generally, when I'm picking games in college football, I look squarely at who has the better quarterback. I believe Boise State's Kellen Moore is a better QB than V-Tech's Tyrod Taylor, and that's coming from someone who really likes Tyrod. He's a good QB, but in Boise's system, he's more accurate, he's quick, and more than anything he's just more consistent. I think offensively, Boise State has a better scheme than Virginia Tech does, and I think defensively although V-Tech has a better defense, I believe Boise has a "better-than-you-think" defense. The matchups favor Boise State. Unless Tyrod Taylor plays the game of his life, and if Beamer Ball can get them 2 TD's on special teams, then the story changes, but I'm not going to bet on it. Boise wins by double-digits.

Boise State 35, Virginia Tech 24.

4. However...Boise State Shouldn't Go To A Title Game Either - For the reasons above that I listed about TCU, I feel the exact same way about Boise. I thought last year that Boise had no beef about not getting a chance to play for a title. This year, I feel the exact same way. Yes, they play a good Virginia Tech team, but when's the last time you saw Virginia Tech come up big in a big game? Can you think of one? Don't worry, I'll wait. Their strength-of-schedule is even worse than TCU's. If a one-loss team from the SEC or Big 10 or Big 12 are there, then I think they should get that chance. This isn't 2009, there isn't an undefeated team from a weaker BCS conference (like Cincinnati from the Big East) that has a gripe. TCU's schedule isn't 2009, and I can't support their quest this year.

(However, one aside. If TCU and Boise State do finish undefeated again this year...if the NCAA pairs them up against each other then I definitely think they should boycott. Make them play the big boys. I don't want to watch them play each other. I want to watch TCU play Texas or see Boise State play Florida. No one wants to see them play each other.)

5. Marvin Austin Needs To Run Into Oncoming Traffic - Shame on LSU for their lackluster performance on Saturday night against a decimated North Carolina squad. If Russell Shepard and Patrick Peterson didn't run wind sprints against the 2nd-string special teams unit (because all the "1st-stringers" on special teams actually had to play offense and defense) then UNC walks out of that game with a victory. However, none of that even matters to the bafoonery that came out about Marvin Austin and his decision to tweet at 3 in the morning that he's popping bottles in Miami. This is example #2343451 on why Twitter ain't for everybody. Especially college athletes. Its sad because some athletes are highly engaging on Twitter, Kevin Durant and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson come to mind. Marvin Austin and The Sons of Jordan...c'mon son.

The funny thing was that during the game Saturday night, they showed Marvin Austin in the stands (looking like T-Pain's body double +150 pounds) and UNC's athletic department told ABC that "Marvin Austin did not travel to Atlanta with them" and "They have no idea how he got here." Now look, I get it that you want to be there for your team and everything, but man you got Brent Musberger chastising you and your football program on national television. That ain't a good look homeboy. Where is Julius Peppers at? Go make a phone call and talk some sense into that young man.

6. Matt Leinart Signs With The Houston Texans - Good for him. Now hopefully you can get some work ethic and continue a career in the NFL. Good luck.

7. TJ Houshmandzadeh Signs With The Baltimore Ravens - Yeah, because there are so many teams that are just sitting pretty at wide receiver right now. Great job by the Ravens.

8. Team USA Stays Undefeated, Beats Angola 121-66 - Yawn.

9. The San Diego Are On A 10-Game Losing Streak - I got two words for this epic collapse. Bahahahahahahahaha and hahahahahahahahahaha.

10. Darrelle Revis Ends His Holdout, Signs A 4-year/$46 Million Deal With Jets - Wow, that's pretty interesting. All it took was for Rex Ryan to go take his talents to South Beach, found Darrelle Revis, and the Jets and Revis got a contract done. Interesting. It says something about how much juice Rex Ryan has that he basically told the organization, "I got this" and then went out and made it happen. I think it says something to Revis too that he respects Rex but he got most of what he wanted. I don't think he got "his" deal, but he got his guaranteed money, he got the short-term deal he wanted so he can get paid again in 2015, and now the Jets are at full-strength.

Like I said a long time, it should have never gotten to this. Jets players said that it was a "travesty" that it took this long. As fans, we've got to stop acting like these owners don't have the money. What they're trying to do is set the precedent for what these athletes should make salary-wise. That's why owners hate Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, and Al Davis. Because they could care less about a "precedent" they just want to sign the players they want, and are willing to pay the top dollar. Revis KNOWS this. All agents know this. If Revis sat out, 3 or 4 owners would've ponied up and paid the man a King's Ransom.

Revis got his ransom money, now he can put it in a treasure chest, dig a hole, and bury that money. He's paid. Just as he should be.



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