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Who died and made Aaron Rodgers a top-five quarterback?

There’s been a disturbing trend recently. Well, lemme take that back; it’s not so much recently, because people were singing this man’s praises quite a bit last season. However, it’s gone to a complete and more ridiculous level this year. The whispers people had last year turned into chants during the preseason, and now, they're battle cries for the man who has replaced Lorenzo Favre in Green Bay. While there’s no doubt the man can play some quarterback, there’s definitely some suspicion from me as to why folks are in a hurry to put the man in the quarterback elite of the NFL so soon. That man, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Aaron Rodgers, the scintillating signal-caller of the Green Bay Packers.

Last night, the Packers lost a divisional matchup against the Bears, which puts Chicago squarely in first place in the NFC North, and while Rodgers did his thing, it still makes me wonder why he seems to get a pass from my football-watching buddies. Don’t get me wrong; I like Aaron Rodgers a lot, so this is more aimed at friends of mine who insist this man is top-five in the league.

When his career record is brought up, a pedestrian mark of 19-17 as a starter, his supporters dismiss it as a minor detail. When the last play of their wild-card game from last season is brought up, a play in which he got his clock cleaned, lost the ball, and Karlos Dansby plucked it out of thin air and strolled in for the game-winning touchdown, his legion of supporters have the sheer audacity, temerity, and the unmitigated gall to ask… “what play?”


The man had all the weapons in the world to win the NFC North last year, yet was kept from achieving this goal by the man he replaced, The Great Lorenzo Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. When this is brought up, people say Lorenzo had tons of help, but it isn’t like Rodgers is out there with a bunch of bums. Sure, his offensive line isn’t all that, but there are plenty of top quarterbacks with shaky o-lines (Roethlisberger and Romo immediately come to mind). He also has a pair of receivers that other QBs would love to have, in Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.

Don’t get me wrong; Rodgers is good, but someone needs to explain to me (a) what they are seeing to convince them that there are only FOUR quarterbacks in football ahead of him, and (b) why he continues to get a pass for exploits when we all know good and hell well when another quarterback comes up short as Rodgers has, they get crucified.

Maybe this is being written from my frustration with people attempting to crown players too soon. Sure, the man may be great one day, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s a top-ten quarterback, not top-five. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let’s not get overboard here. Hopefully, Green Bay will make some noise this year, get in the postseason, and even make a deep run. If they do, then I’ll be more than happy to say the same things other folks are saying. Until then, that’s a glass of kool-aid I’m more than willing to pass on.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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