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The Year of the Underdog - The BCS Busters

In college basketball, we know these teams as mid-majors. In college football, I'm proposing that we call this current crop of teams the "BCS Busters" because that deceptive, fraudulent, counterfeit, not to be trusted sham of a system BCS Rankings has no way of truly qualifying how good teams like Boise State, TCU, Utah, BYU, and Houston are.

In the course of the last five years, we’ve seen these teams take out teams that were poised to win a national title. TCU and Boise have both beaten my beloved Oklahoma Sooners, Utah murdalized (it’s a made up word, get over it) an eventual national champion in Alabama, plus Houston and BYU have consistently taken out some of college football’s elite in other BCS conferences. So how good can these five teams be this year? I think two are capable of making a run at a national title, and one other team has a legitimate Heisman candidate. Notre Dame, you should be ashamed that five schools west of the Mississippi can perform at such a level while you wade in the waters of mediocrity. Let’s continue…

The Utah Utes – First off, let me say this; I’m convinced that Dave Wannstedt of the Pitt Panthers is not a good football coach. He has consistently brought in top talent onto that team (Larry Fitzgerald, LeSean McCoy, Darrelle Revis), yet this team continues to be one of the biggest teases in all of the land. Pitt went up against Utah last night; a team who lost a ton of talent in last year’s draft, and they were the stronger team, much more physical, and, in my opinion, had a coach in Kyle Whittingham who had a better feel for the game. Utah’s unranked for reasons unknown to me, but after edging out Pitt last night, they’ll be in the top 25. Its no guarantee that TCU will beat them for the Mountain West title, which leads me to…

The TCU Horned Frogs – Shoutout to Kenny’s sister, the biggest TCU fan I’ve ever known in my life. She’s all about the Frogs, and for good reason. They brought back nearly every starter from last year’s team (minus All-American DE Jerry Hughes), and they’re poised to make a run at a title shot. Two major roadblocks however; the first roadblock is coming in the form of the Rodgers brothers, as Oregon State lands in Dallas to play TCU in Cowboys Stadium this Saturday night. Older brother James, the wide receiver, and the younger brother Jacquizz aka “Quizz Show," the tailback are both Texas natives and are looking forward to their homecoming. Now, my boy Sean from Already TV and I have made a friendly wager about how TCU’s vaunted defense will perform versus Quizz Show. I contend that Quizz will get 100 yards, while Sean (and Kenny) think otherwise. There might be some money on the line so….go Quizz Show! However, I think TCU will beat Oregon State, and if they can navigate the rest of their schedule (plus beat Utah on November 6th) then they will be sitting pretty for a BCS title shot.

BYU Cougars – Another reason why Notre Dame should be ashamed. Exposure from BYU’s new deal with ESPN plus the new six-year deal with Notre Dame tells me that The Fighting Irish is running out of juice. BYU will clean house with this deal, and their national profile will benefit supremely.

Houston Cougars – You all know about Case Keenum, the closest thing to a Heisman Trophy candidate since Snuggie-wearer Andre Ware. Its kind of crazy that “all” Case Keenum needs is 4,123 yards to break Timmy Chang’s all-time career passing record of 17,072 yards is amazing.


That’s a ton of yards in college football. Over a 14-game college football season, that’s basically 300 yards every time you step on the field. What did Case throw for in 2009? 5,671 yards. That’s basically 400 yards a game. Yes, dude is a system QB, and there’s never been a legitimate QB to come out of Houston, but I still like what dude is doing. Plus, he put a whooping on my then ranked No. 5 Oklahoma State Cowboys last season (check out my boy Dez Bryant put in work on the kick return). Houston’s got two big games against UCLA and Mississippi State. If they win, and run the table against an up-and-coming Conference-USA schedule, could they sneak into the BCS?

Boise State Broncos – Boise State; what can we say about Boise State that you don’t already know? Boise’s ranked preseason No. 3 in the nation this year. Boise has two extremely tough games coming up against Virginia Tech and Oregon State. Plus they have a team that, minus Kyle Wilson, is returning virtually every starter from last year’s squad. Oh yeah, I forgot; Nike laced them with the Pro Combat gear…super jealous. If they beat Virginia Tech, and that’s a BIG if, then they go into Corvallis and beat the Rodgers brothers, they’re going to the national title game. It’s not even a debate. Kellen Moore will vault up the Heisman standing and could be the first player to bring the Stiff Arm to Boise, Idaho. Its that serious.

Do you think it can happen? Can Boise or TCU rise from the ashes and be the first BCS Buster to win the National Championship? Thoughts on BYU, Houston, and Utah? Let us know your thoughts!


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