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Euphoria is a Beautiful Thing

Sometimes the stars align and you don't even realize its happening.

Over the course of this past weekend, the stars aligned for me as a sports fan. I've never seen my teams consistently roll seven after seven after seven after seven. Let me tell you something, this type of thing just doesn't happen that often. There some of you that have experienced this, other have not but you will one of these days, I promise. However, when the stars align like they did for me this weekend, let me tell you something...

Its a beautiful thing.

You know why its a beautiful thing for the stars to align for you in your favor? Because most of our favorite teams and players aren't always primed for success at the same time. Some of you, and I won't call you out by name, love the frontrunners. You know those folks, favorite teams are the Lakers, Cowboys Steelers, and Yankees. I can't stand y'all. I love y'all, but I can't stand y'all. You know why? Because success happens quite frequently for you, and living the high life is an ongoing thing.

However, for someone like myself, who tends to root for the teams less favored or those teams mired in anonymity, or for players who seem to have the world against them. Success is something you tend to appreciate much more because you never know when this is going to happen again. Let's break out the timeline.

Saturday, 6:45pm - Oklahoma vs. Texas: The Red River Shootout was a game mired in mishaps, inconsistency, and flawed pimpin. I've never seen my Sooners ever get so many breaks in the Cotton Bowl in my entire life, moreover, I've never seen those Longhorns play a game where they were as mentally unfocused and as outcoached as they were this past Saturday. Realistically, Oklahoma tried to give that game away, with that ridiculous fake field goal that failed miserably and Landry Jones getting butterfingers and deciding to put the ball on the ground inexplicably. However, once again a muffed punt sealed the fate for the opposing team and my Sooners came out with a great 28-20 victory. That victory prompted one of the greatest status updates from Kenny in ages:

"Kenny thinks all his UT friends who are on FB must have deactivated their profile. Or broke their phone. Or maybe their batteries are dead. Maybe they can find another one for $28.20..."

Priceless I tell you...priceless.

Saturday, 10:33pm - Florida vs. Alabama: Alabama destroyed Florida, and simply put...this is a beautiful thing. They stomped a mutton hole in the Gators, and if you can't appreciate that then either you're a Gators fan or your blind.

Sunday, 4:35pm - The Braves Clinch Wild Card: For whatever reason, the Braves have decided to shower Bobby Cox with all of these lavish gifts and farewell ceremonies and all the while forgot how to play the game of baseball. Trust me when I say this is infuriating. With the Giants shutting out the Padres and clinching the NL West, and the Braves hanging on for dear life against the Phillies, we have punched our ticket. Praise Jehoshaphat.

Sunday, 7:12pm - Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville: All hail Joslin aka The Pigskin Loving Lady for accurately making this prediction that the Jaguars would beat the Colts, the woman is a prophet of sorts. I will be the first to admit that I thought the Jaguars had no chance, because we all saw them get flat out destroyed and mollywhopped by the great Michael Vick and the Eagles. However, Joslin said one thing to me that somehow I seemingly forgot one sticking point about these two teams.

"Jacksonville always plays Indianapolis tough, and I truly believe that on Sunday...they will find a way."

Who knew it would come from 59 yards away...praise God.

Sunday, 7:28pm - Washington vs. Philadelphia: Also known as McNabb vs. Vick. Truth be told, this game wasn't really even about Mike Vick, and it was sad to see him get sandwiched on a play that didn't even count. Vick was electrifying in one quarter of action, but McNabb proved to all of the people in Philadelphia why you could've had no quarterback controversy at all whatsoever. They gave the man a standing ovation, then as soon as he took the field, they booed him mercilessly. Every time he made one of those errant throws that looked oh so familiar in Philadelphia, the fans jeered him, as if they seen that before. Of course they had.

It didn't matter. For the greatness of Mike Vick, there's a reason why McNabb doesn't run as much as he used to, because you leave yourself vulnerable to get smashed like Vick did on that run. For the potential that Kevin Kolb might have, there's something about having poise and being a veteran that McNabb brings to a team. Ultimately, Washington won because they were a better coached team, they had players who were motivated for a big game, and most importantly they had a quarterback who is a phenomenal leader and gave them a chance to win. At the end of the day, that's all you can ask for from a quarterback. In my books, it was euphoria.

Euphoria is a beautiful thing, and I rolled seven all weekend. Oh, what a wonderful feeling this is.


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