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The Five Trades That Need To Happen in the NFL

With the aftershocks still being felt around the NFL with the trade of Randy Moss from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings, there are a few other teams that need to act with a sense of urgency as we move towards the midway point of the 2010 NFL season. We’ve only made it five weeks into the NFL season and there are no undefeated teams remaining. That means that there aren’t any dominant teams and that the 12 playoff spots are totally up for grabs.

I'm painfully aware of the fact that trades like the Moss deal just don't happen that often, but you know what? They should. Shame on your team for not addressing a need, here are the five trades that need to happen in the NFL.

1. The Carolina Panthers trade Jonathan Stewart to the Green Bay Packers for a 3rd and 5th round pick.

Can someone please put the Carolina Panthers out of their misery? Good grief. If I were the GM of the team, I would've "considered" trading the mercurial, loquacious, and hot-headed #89 Steve Smith. I mean...I probably wouldn't want to tell Steve in his face, because well...Steve has a temper problem. Not really trying to scrap it out with someone who's 5'8", they have that whole Napoleon complex thing and I'm not trying to deal with that. I digress. After the Panthers cast aside Matt Moore for the "I get punched in the face by my own fans at Notre Dame" Jimmy Clausen, we should have all realized that this team is officially screwed. Think about it, other than those two tailbacks and #89, who would you WANT on your team? Okay, maybe Jon Beason, but that's it.

Green Bay desperately needs a tailback in the worst way, unless you believe in Brandon Jackson...right. Let DeAngelo Williams be the future for Carolina and let Jonathan Stewart be the new focal point of the Green Bay run game. (Plus, this would help our fantasy teams who currently employ Williams and Stewart.)

2. The Indianapolis Colts trade Anthony Gonzalez to the St. Louis Rams for a 4th round pick.

For two reasons...

One, because Anthony Gonzalez has officially received the Wally Pipp treatment and lost his starting wide receiver job to Pierre Garcon, and Austin Collie. Plus, there's a mandate on how many of our Caucasian brothers who play wide receiver can be on the same team. (jokes)

Two, because I haven't seen a sadder excuse for a wide receiver core (not since McNabb's wideout in the early 2000's and Vick's wide receivers in Atlanta) than what the Rams have supplied Sam Bradford in 2010. With the injury of the Rams' best wideout in Mark Clayton (mind you he was the 4th best wideout for Baltimore) Bradford needs help in the worst way, and if you don't get him help...he's gonna get killed. Literally. Make this trade happen...now.

3. The Cincinnati Bengals trade Roy Williams to the Indianapolis Colts for a 5th round pick.

As we've seen over the course of the last five years, time and time again the Colts deal with the same tragedy. Bob Sanders is out for the rest of the year with a season-ending injury to his __________________. Go ahead, you fill it in. Plus, they lost their quality backup in Melvin Bullitt so the Colts are hurting in the final third of their defense.

Now I'm not saying that Roy Williams would be perfect, hell he would get exposed a lot. However, the Colts can't stop the run and that's the one thing that Roy can help with. Don't the Colts have to do...something?

4. The Washington Redskins trade Albert Haynesworth to the Cincinnati Bengals for Andre Caldwell and a 3rd round pick.

Look, the Cincinnati Bengals have dealt with more malcontents in the NFL than any team I can think of. So why not go get Haynesworth? The Bengals are 19th in the NFL in rushing defense, a far cry from the 2009 Bengals who finished 7th in rushing defense.

Mike Brown, make this happen so I can just watch all of these Bengals fans heads explode. Thanks.

5. The New England Patriots sign Ty Law to a 1-year tender.

Okay, technically this isn't a trade, but the Patriots pass defense is just plain wretched. At this point I don't honestly believe that if you put Kenny and B-Lew out wide, and let me play tight end that the Patriots defense could legitimately stop us. (Oh you didn't know, your boy Ed runs a 4.4 in the 30. Don't sleep.) Plus, the other key thing about the Patriots defense is that they are extremely young. So young that they don't even know how to cuss effectively yet. Bring in Ty Law, have them boys learn from someone who talks crazy all the time and is one of the biggest playmakers I've ever seen on the defensive side of the ball.



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