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It's official: there are no steroids in baseball anymore

Okay, maybe there are a couple of folks taking the juice, the cream and the clear, HGH, distance learning, Arnolds, gym candy, etc. However, over the course of just 48 hours we've seen these masterful performances put together by baseball's finest pitchers:

Tim Lincecum, Giants - 9 IP, 14 K's, 2 hits, 0 earned runs
Andy Pettitte, Yankees - 7 IP, 4 K's, 5 hits, 2 earned runs
C.J. Wilson, Rangers - 6.1 IP, 7 K's, 2 hits, 0 earned runs
Cliff Lee, Rangers - 7 IP, 10 K's, 5 hits, 1 earned run
Roy Halladay, Phillies - 9 IP, 8 K's, 0 hits, 0 earned runs

There's an art to pitching a flawless game that is unlike truly anything else you'll see in sport. In football, it's kind of like playing Peyton Manning, and all he did was continually drive up and down the field, passing the ball on your defense. Trust me; as a Jags fan, I've seen it. Its truly demoralizing, and watching Lincecum slice and dice my Braves with 14 K's was just ridiculous.

However, its the best thing in the world for baseball. Trust me when I say this.

Over the course of the last 10+ years or so, we became witness to a generation of baseball players whose mission statement, credo, and belief system was "chicks dig the long ball." People who had no business hitting home runs were hitting bombs like kids wanting candy in the candy store. Instead of watching the nitty-gritty playoff games that we were raised on, we were served Big Ten football scores on a regular basis. Baseball scores should not look like the ages of teenage children. Okay, maybe one game...but not five or six in a series.

What we're watching is quality pitching beating quality hitting, and if you are a baseball head, you know that this philosophy usually holds true. Kenny even spoke about the exploits of the legendary curl aka Pedro Martinez's heroics in the playoffs. Plus, there's one more thing about elite playoff pitching that makes this part of the season truly interesting...

Do you know how ridiculously uptight, nervous, anxious, and mentally unstable people can get watching pitch by pitch when the score is 1-0? I was sitting at the crib yelling, cussing, screaming, sending irate text messages, tweeting random curse words, stomping, kicking, closing my eyes for 30-40 seconds at a time, and fixing myself an alcoholic beverage while Tim Lincecum pitched a surgical masterpiece against my Braves. It made my right ventricle hurt...

...and that's why playoff baseball is awesome, even without steroids.


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