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Oklahoma Has No Business Being #1

There are some football teams that are built for the high life, seems like they have all the pieces you need to be a team with the bulls-eye on the chest. The head coach usually has a focus that the players follow. The team plays with an attitude that is unquestionable, and they have teams with the mental focus to overcome adversity during the tough times in a football game.

So when the BCS standings were announced on Sunday evening, there had already been talk about who the top teams would be, however much to my surprise (although the signs were clearly there) there was a team I was very familiar with sitting at #1 atop the standings. The Oklahoma Sooners. This is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to my favorite college football team.

Look, I would say within about 5-10 minutes after Oklahoma was placed on the mountaintop of college football, I received at least 15-20 tweets, phone calls, texts, emails, telegrams, smoke screens, carrier pigeons, and Morse code from the folks I would refer to as Boomer Sooner Nation. About two-thirds of those messages were tales of elation, supreme joy, and satisfaction that the almighty BCS machine has placed the Sooners at number one.

"FINALLY! THE SOONERS HAVE COME BACK...TO THE TOP OF THE BCS STANDINGS!" (Rock voice, courtesy of my boy DG lol) I couldn't do anything but laugh, and to be honest...it does feel good to see your favorite teams' name in lights. Give credit to Oklahoma, they had the balls to go out there and schedule tough non-conference games against Florida State, Cincinnati, Air Force, and Utah State. No chippys at all. They went out and beat their big rival in Texas, and have done everything you can ask of them.

However...the Sooners fans that had the same thought I did called me later in the evening.

"This is the worst thing that could happen to us."

"We have no business being #1. Watch us lose to Mizzou next week."

"Man, we don't do well with the bulls-eye on our chest, this blows."


Again...all I could do is laugh. They are right too. It isn't necessarily the case that Oklahoma always folds once they get past Texas, actually they do quite well. However, most of the time when Oklahoma ascends to that #1 spot, they have a team worthy of holding that ranking. The truth is, this 2010 Oklahoma team has not been able to instill a level of confidence in the fanbase that the 2001-2004 teams and the 2007-2009 teams were able to do. They had elite players, and they played with an attitude that you only see with certain title teams.

This 2010 squad has a quarterback in Landry Jones who reminds me of Two-Face from Batman. Sometimes, he seems like an all-world quarterback. Other times he looks like he's throwing the game. Demarco Murray has not been the same running back he was since 2007, don't let anyone...and I do mean ANYONE...tell you differently. Ryan Broyles is awesome, but he's a glorified slot receiver. This defense is good, not great. They're probably a year away from truly being awesome.

I tell you all of this because Oklahoma fans understand what they have in this team. Yet, because of the tomfoolery and shenanigans that has ensued in the first 7 weeks of the college football season, OU finds themselves in the pole position. Really, this reminds me of the title team in 2000. Some of the national powers were falling from grace (Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida) and other powerhouses were just starting to take form (Miami, USC) and Oklahoma navigated their way into a perfect season.

In a way, if there was a season where an imperfect team could win a national title then this is the year. Oregon, who is ranked #1 by the writers and coaches, have a defensive line who's about as big as Kenny, B-Lew, Jeremy, and Ed playing the front four. Boise State and TCU are going to have to trick the computers and voters to keeping them high because their strength of schedule is as soft as hot Velveeta. Auburn looks really good, but they play in the SEC and they could lose to anybody.

So maybe this is Oklahoma's year, maybe they can sneak their way through the rest of the Big 12 schedule (Nebraska doesn't look like the team they were made out to be, and OU's toughest games remaining is Mizzou and Oklahoma State) then who knows...

Either way, I'm already nervous thinking about it. God help me.


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