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Randall Gene Moss Goes To Purify Himself In The Waters of Lake Minnetonka

You're going to read countless articles about the impact of Randall Gene Moss having the opportunity to play pitch and catch with the immortal Brett Lorenzo Favre. As of 6:15 a.m. (the time of me waking up this morning) I've already seen the twitter machine going nuts, facebook statuses going insane, and websites quickly plastering their domain space with the news of Moss being traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings for a 3rd-round pick.

However, let's be perfectly clear about this situations as it pertains to Moss and Favre, as this move assures us of being able to witness something truly unimaginable in this day and age.

Two of the most rural-born, drawl-having, not owning a well-fitting suit, fishing is more than a hobby, the only vehicle I own is a pickup truck, country boys will come together to form a duo that was seemingly made for each other 10 years ago.

To be real, maybe this will be the real rejuvenation Lorenzo Favre was always looking for. He clamored relentlessly to try to make Moss a member of the Green Bay Packers. I even think that when Favre initially touched down in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that he saw some flashes of Moss's game in Sidney Rice. Of course, there's no one and I mean no one who can do the things Randy Moss can do.

This man has made every single player, coach, fanbase, general manager, owner, or total organization pay for talking down on the man. From the lady cop who talked crazy to Moss and got him fined, he told the world that he paid it "straight cash homey." From the fans of Green Bay mooning him as the Vikings prepared for battle in Lambeau Field, he mooned 'em right back in the endzone. To even the Dallas Cowboys, who seemingly passed on Randy Moss to take Greg Ellis instead, Moss ran 3 windsprints down the sideline for 3 mighty touchdowns.

Plus, we all remember what happened to Darrelle Revis back in week 2.

Look, all things considered I'm shocked but not surprised about what Bill Belicheat and the Kraft organization of the Patriots did in this deal. They had no intentions of paying the same man who Bill Simmons has already crowned "one of the 5 greatest Patriots of his lifetime" after this season and they said, let's get something out of this for the future while we can. Turned out to be a 3rd-round pick.

(Tangent: Has there ever in life been a player as heralded as Randall Gene Moss who has seemingly been traded for only a 6-piece Chicken McNugget and 24-pack of Tahitian Treat soda? I mean goodness gracious, Oakland traded him for a 4th-round pick, and New England traded him for a 3rd-round pick. Dude is going to be a hall-of-famer and teams are getting Moss for a pack of Jasmine incense. I don't get it. End tangent.)

So Minnesota's going for broke, and that's something I can definitely appreciate. Realize that it took the 2nd half of the 2009 season for Favre to really get things rolling for the purple and gold. They can move Percy to his natural role in the slot, make Sidney Rice the receiver opposite the deep threat that is Randy Moss, they have Shiancoe at tight end, and they've got All Day toting the rock. I thought Minnesota was still primed and ready to come out of the NFC this year, even with Favre's rocky start, and now they add Moss? Unbelievable.

Plus, check out who Minnesota plays in the next four games...

- Week 5, New York Jets...the return of Revis Isl...Darrelle Revis.
- Week 6, Dallas Cowboys...remember his 3 TD game his rookie year?
- Week 7, Green Bay Packers...moonshine.
- Week 8, New England Patriots...So how does Belicheat stop Randall Gene?

This is going to be a fun...plus, Randy also gets no benefit of a bye week. He'll play 17 games this season (fantasy owners take note of this) and Favre will try to find every way possible to get that man the ball.

Vikings fans, Moss fans, Lorenzo fans, and fans of football...prepare to purify yourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.


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