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Because Sports is the Ultimate Reality Television Show

I'm pretty sure there are a fair amount of you people that would be interested to know my thoughts about the phallic photos of one Mr. Brett Lorenzo Favre. I know there were people that wondered why I didn't write an article about the Tiger Woods debacle. As a matter of fact, my mother even said when am I going to wring Ben Roethlisberger's neck here on Ed the Sports Fan.

Well mama, there are some things your son can't do, not even for their maternal hero.

Why? Because I truly, from the bottom of my heart, don't give a damn about these ultimate reality show stars, in the form of professional athletes, in regards to their personal life and what they outside the field of battle. It's not that I don't care about their lives, but I love sports SO MUCH that I refuse to let one person's hang-ups ruin my appreciation for this here game.

Now let's be perfectly clear here; I would love for all of our athletes, coaches, owners, fans, and pundits of competitive sport to be morally astute and of sound judgement. But we're grown folks around here, so lets just be real: that is an absurd reality. However, whenever anyone associated with this thing we call athletic competition, does something wrong...the only thing I can hope for is that they learn from their situation and grow to be a better person. That's all I, or anyone else, can really ask for.

If I were to let the outside forces bear on my appreciation for sports, I'd be out this game. I mean, my favorite basketball player as a child growing up was Shawn Kemp, but the man has 238 kids. Tell me...what in the blue blazes does that have to do with the man being able to YUUUUUUUUUUUUULE on anyone in the league in a moments' notice? My favorite baseball player for the longest has been Manny Ramirez. However, when you look up the words malcontent, mercurial, loquacious, and insane, that man's face is right next to all of them in Webster's. What in the bloody hell does that have to do with the man being feared on baseball diamond?

We as (fan)actics single-handedly RUINED the biggest phenom professional sports had ever seen in Tiger Woods. Why? Because the man had jezebels, floozies, harlots, hussies, scarlets, strumpets, and trollops literally on proverbial speed dial? Man, I know three people back home in Westside Lawton who haven't had their jobs derailed at the Goodyear plant because they got 'em on a leash. The real question should be...why in the hell do you all care so much?

Look, sports is the ultimate reality television show. You have the opportunity to watch action, drama, romance, comedy, horror, and suspense LITERALLY every single time you watch a live sporting event. Why do you think the geniuses that are Brandon Lewis and Kenny Masenda named the attendance of live sporting events, "SHOCKING THE WORLD!" (aside: LEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGO!!! end aside). You can literally see someone 'Shock The World' on any given occasion. There's nothing more beautiful in the world than having the chance to be shocked and awed in a single sitting and sports provides that on a consistent basis.

So that's what we write about here at Ed the Sports Fan. We make you ponder what would happen if some of the greatest movie hoopers of all-time played each other? We'll write an article with such unmitigated gall, an unprecedented level of temerity, and an unseen audacity that would have a man question the NBA, and ask if there's a conspiracy theory in who can win a title in 'The Association.' Hell, we even realize that there's more to this world than just loving sports, we recognize that some of our men are wayward. Around these parts we're all about the better making of men, and respecting the womanhood to the best of our ability.

Look, I'll never get on this blog and blast other bloggers about what they decide to do. There are bloggers that I was skeptical about because of their content and how that reflected on them, but then I got a chance to meet them and recognize that not everyone's purpose to blog is the game. I get that and TOTALLY respect that. Everyone has an opportunity to do something that makes them happy.

What makes me happy is that Kenny and I put our soul into this blog, and there are other people besides our mama's who read it.
We will always strive to provide thought-provoking and original content to connoisseurs of athletic competition. (That's our mission statement, by the way.)

Dr. Harry Edwards once proclaimed, "I cannot be a fan, because that is to be a fanatic, and I take my sports way more serious than that." The truth of the matter is being a fan (or in my case, being 'Ed the Sports "FAN"' lol) is a bit absurd. This thang we call sports is something we probably do take a bit too serious, but its also something that brings us pure joy.

My goal is to write from that perspective, and as a "fan" I would push you to appreciate sports from that same perspective.


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