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The $78 Million Dollar Man, Donovan McNabb

The Washington Redskins and Donovan Jamal McNabb have agreed to a five-year, $78 million extension with $40 million guaranteed. McNabb's contract could be worth $88 million if incentives in the contract are reached.

I have never been more baffled in my entire live since being a Stan of McNabb.

Granted, the contract that McNabb received is deserved. For everything that McNabb has achieved, you know that contracts are always about what you WILL do, not what you've done in the past. That being said, McNabb without a shadow of a doubt has given the Redskins the best chance to win in the last 10 years.

Yet, what in the hell happened in the last two weeks that caused the Washington Redskins organization to give this man that the head coach of your team disrespected to the high heavens $78 million dollars?

So let me get this straight...

Mike Shanahan said he felt Grossman was more knowledgeable in the team's two-minute offense...

Mike Shanahan said McNabb lacked the "cardiovascular endurance" to run a fast-paced drill because of nagging hamstring injuries...

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said McNabb had been tipped in advance that the team might go with Grossman...


Now to be fair, this McNabb contract extension was "allegedly" on the table since the end of week 4, right before McNabb's first game against Philadelphia. However, this is just the head scratcher of all head scratchers. With all that's going against the Redskins and Donovan McNabb, to strike a deal like this can only mean one thing.

The Washington Redskins ownership and organization believe in Donovan McNabb, period.

There's no other way to look at it, the Redskins have basically told the fan base and the general public, "Hey, whatever we get from this team this season is gravy. We are building to the future and we look at Donovan McNabb as being the leader of men on this team. We will support him and build a team around him for this organization to thrive."

To be real, I think you HAVE to look at it this way. I mean, look at McNabb's offense. Their offensive line looks like they took the cast of Jersey Shore and put 'em in pads and told them to block. Their wide receivers consist of a wideout named Moss, but not named Randy. They have a wide receiver who's roughly 23491874 years old. They have a tight end who has the propensity to show his dong on the internet. They have played three different starting runningbacks this season and all of them can do two things in common. Run straight and get hurt.

The shame of this deal, and this long-term signing for McNabb and the Redskins is what's happening in Philadelphia. Michael Vick last night put together the 3rd greatest fantasy football performance of all-time. Vick and the Eagles is the culmination of everything that McNABB was supposed to be able to thrive off of. They've finally put together a core group of talent that is actually worth a damn. We all do remember the Todd Stinkston era, right? The Eagles have a running game, they have great receivers, and they have a reliable tight end...

...and as the great twitter philosopher Trill Cosby said on the machine last night, "Michael Vick is now known as Black Moses because McNabb vouched for him. McNabb died so Michael Vick could live."

As absurd as that quote is, it is the truth! McNabb extended the hand of goodwill towards Vick and Vick is thriving like none other. Michael Vick is going to get paid quite handsomely in 2011, and he should sign McNabb in as his agent.

So now we have McNabb in the same shamble of a situation that he was in back at the Eagles. What's worse is we aren't sure if we can believe in Mike Shanahan, at least with Andy Reid we knew that he had McNabb's back. Shanny? Man, he might be walking around with a knife ready to plant it in McNabb's spine for all we know.

McNabb deserves better, its something that every McNabb apologist has said about Donovan since he became an elite quarterback. We saw how talent surrounding Mac-5 could pay immediate dividends (see: acquisition of T.O., drafting Jackson/Maclin) and could propel a team to be great. Now McNabb is back in a situation he's used to, and the bad thing is that the organization he's now a part of isn't anywhere near as quality as the one he left.

Maybe Daniel Snyder has seen the light, maybe he realizes that's he going to have to build from the ground up, grow within the team, draft well, make smart free-agent acquisitions, and give this thing 2-3 years to turn around.

Oh wait, this is the Washington Redskins and Daniel Snyder...never mind.

Free Donovan McNabb.


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