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Giving thanks to a great Turkey Day Weekend

Your boy got fat this weekend. For four consecutive days I got full on a great sports weekend...oh yeah, I got fat eating up on that bird too, but I figured you already knew that.

From heartbreak city, to the exchange of haymakers, to folks losing their jobs, to flat out jubilation, to understanding the fact that some folks just shouldn't be messed with Cortland Finnegan, I once again got to experience sports as the ultimate reality television show. Let's reflect on the four-day weekend that was...


How about them Cowboys? The things that Red Jesus aka Jason Garrett as interim head coach for the boys wearing the star on their helmet is doing right now is going to make it hard for Jerrah to make a legitimate coaching choice in 2011 and beyond. However, with the Cowboys twice overcoming 17-point deficits, it seemed that Garrett had delivered the 'Boys to the promised land...then Malcolm Jenkins stepped in. As Roy Williams ran toward the end zone after catching a slant over the middle, all Roy had to do was hang onto the ball and score the touchdown and the Dallas Cowboys would pull off one of the greatest Thanksgiving comebacks of all-time.

But nah...Roy fumbled. Malcolm stripped the ball. The Saints won.

Two things...to all my Cowboys fans, do you all REALLY believe in Jason Garrett? I don't feel any way about it, but we've seen interim coaches come in and win and then show themselves long-term as being an illegitimate coach. Is he another one of those guys or is he a genius everyone professes. Two, is there any reason why the Saints aren't getting any love? They're the defending Super Bowl champs and 8-3 and no one cares. Interesting...


It's official, Cameron "Cam" Jerrell Newton is the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner. From what started as Auburn getting skull-drug 24-0 and the almighty twitter machine talking down on Auburn, praising Alabama, the folks in Boise going nuts about their chances of going to the BCS title game...yeah, Cam Newton wasn't having any of that. In what might be the biggest win in Auburn's history of the Iron Bowl, Cam Newton led a comeback for the ages. 3 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown later, the Auburn Tigers departed from Bryant-Denney Stadium in Tuscaloosa not only undefeated, but the crowned Kings of Alabama, and shut down the haters of Cam Newton. Notice how you haven't heard any new news about Cam Newton and him taking any money? Right....

However, for all the drama that unfolded in Tuscaloosa, the real drama happened in Reno. Can we put out an APB for Boise State's kicker Kyle Brotzman? Yeah...hope that man is still alive. Can we check on him? How's he doing? From the Nevada comeback, to the long bomb from Kellen Moore to Titus Young, to the shank, to the shank part deux, to the ending...I can't do words justice, here's the video.

One question....why do you all HATE Boise State so much? Seriously, if anyone should hate Boise State, I should. I'm an Oklahoma fan, we already got embarrassed on national television and had ole buddy proposing after scoring the game winning touchdown and everything, yet I don't even hate them. Yet a ton of you do. Why? Because their schedule isn't as tough? Do you all hate TCU like that? The Big East and the ACC is HORRIBLE, yet you don't hate those teams. Pac-10? Stinks. Big 12? Average. Big 10+1? Decent. The SEC, for all its made out to be, wasn't THAT good this year. Someone please explain this to me...


Quick hits...

All hail THE Ohio State Buckeyes, as they mollywhopped Michigan...let's see if Rich Rod keeps his job.

All hail the Wisconsin Badgers, for as good as Ohio State and Michigan State is...Wisconsin is the best Big 10+1 team in the land.

All hail the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, for beating USC probably saved Brian Kelly from having to hang it up after one season in South Bend. Trust me, this win was huge, even though no one really cares outside the Irish faithful.

All hail the Florida State Seminoles for beating the brakes off of Florida. Trust me when I say that almost everyone else in the country smiled when we saw Urban Meyer with his head down and the game getting out of hand.

However, nothing else really mattered to me except for Bedlam.

(Aside...I have to move out of Cincinnati. These fools tried to make me watch USC vs. Notre Dame when the only game that mattered was Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State. Do you know how infuriated I was when this finally occurred to me 15 minutes before kickoff? Man I was screaming and cussing, man I poured me a shot of Henny just to get myself together. I really did this. However, thanks to the almighty Twitter machine, the folks looked out. Thank God for pirated internet television. End aside.)

As I mentioned on Friday, this was the opportunity Oklahoma State had always wanted. They were the favored team, they were the higher ranked squad, and there were more doubts on the OU side than the O-State side...yet there was just one problem.

Bob Stoops has Oklahoma State's number.

From seeing one of the greatest defensive plays I can remember seeing by Oklahoma State, to just experiencing the fourth quarter shenanigans and tomfoolery made the game one for the ages, and it is easily the best Bedlam game I've seen since 2002. Anytime you get to see 3 wind sprints in the span of two minutes with the game on the line, the game was spiking with intensity and the defense was nowhere to be found. Oklahoma now gets the chance to defend the honor of the Big 12 as the fellas of ETSF go and Shock The World in Jerry's World as the Sooners face the Cornhuskers. LEGGGGGGGGGGO!


The Miami Hurricanes fired Randy Shannon...moment of silence.

Now...there were a ton of great football games on yesterday, however, the only thing that mattered was the Steelers vs. Bills game. Yes, you read that correctly, Steelers vs. Bills.

You know why? Besides the fact that Steelers did nothing to deserve to win this game and yet somehow found a way to win the game, this game was all about the mercurial and loquacious...

Stevie Johnson.

First off, what grown man still goes by the name Stevie?

Secondly, Stevie Johnson might be the most improved player in the NFL this season. For a team who is severely lacking in playmakers, our boy Stevie Johnson has put in work. Sunday was no different, as the Bills were finding him in the holes of the Steelers defense and making plays. However, our boy #13 was having a case of the dropsies, five of them in fact. Including a potential game-winner...

Now look...the man had a bad day at the job, so I really didn't think nothing of it other than the Bills were handing this game to Pittsburgh. Ben Aura drives them down the field, with a sprained foot no less, and leads them to the game-winning field goal. Great, game is over, nothing else to be seen here.

Except...the almighty Twitter machine was unsuspectingly hit with a tweet for the ages...

Now look...I laughed uncontrollably after reading this the first 9876 times, then as I saw folks on twitter talking about why is he blaming Jesus for him dropping the ball, I just saw a man with a bad haircut losing his mind. Someone go give that man a hug and tell him its going to be okay.

You know who else needs a hug? Cortland Finnegan. Andre my boy...you didn't have to do him like that, did you? You did...well, okay then.

Cortland's gonna need a hug and a frozen steak to put on his face after that monstrosity that occurred. But reallly though, what can't be solved with a great hug from a woman who smells good and caresses your face and says, "It's gonna be okay." I know its revitalized my outlook on life, and we need more women to do this. This needs to be a movement.

So, can someone please find Roy Williams, Nick Saban, Kyle Brotzman, Mike Gundy, Stevie Johnson, and Cortland Finnegan a good smelling woman with some leftover turkey and yams and tell them, "It's gonna be okay."


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