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It's Florida v. Florida State Time

When you look at the definition of the word rivalry in the dictionary, this is what follows:

a competition for the same objective or superiority in the same field.

Sure, you could look at Florida/Florida State as two teams going for the same objective or superiority, but in recent years, the Gators have thoroughly dominated the 'Noles.

Shoot, it was just two years ago when I tricked myself into believing that Florida State held the key to my dream of a National Championship Game between OU and Texas in 2008. As a matter of fact, it was a damn good scenario that almost worked out, except Florida blasted Florida State, but it's not like I'm bitter or anything...

Anyways, seeing as how that whole plan went to hell, we're back to the here and now, and the question remains simple: after six seasons of coming up short, can Florida State finally conquer Florida?

For starters, The Great Bobby Bowden and his regime are gone. Shoot, you can make the case that there really isn’t any star power on the Seminoles. Sure, there are good players, but there's no transcendent star on the squad. Normally, that would be catastrophic, except Florida doesn’t have a transcendent star anymore, either. Chris Leak, Tim Tebow, Jarvis Moss, Joe Haden and plenty more Gator legends are all gone. The same applies to Florida's outfit this season; some pretty good players on both sides of the ball, but nothing that measures to the names listed above.

Another thing Florida State has going in their favor is they are coming into this game with a better record than the Gators. They're actually coming in as the favorite this time, and as long as they don’t go into the game with the last six years of results on the brain, they can finally reverse their misfortunes against Florida. If all else fails, they can see the video below as a reminder that, at one time, they did get the job done.

The last time Florida State beat Florida, Chris Rix and Company won on Florida’s field, celebrating like crazy and it felt like the world was theirs. That was 2003. The only way Rix is gonna be on the field this weekend is if it’s for the coin toss. Outside of that, he’s not walking through that door. Neither are Greg Jones, Darnell Dockett, PK Sam and any of those other cats from the old days. Instead of Bobby Bowden on the sideline, it’s gonna be Jimbo Fisher. Does he have what it takes to lead Florida State to a feat over an Urban Meyer-led squad that Bowden was unable to accomplish?

This isn’t about championships, BCS implications, or anything of the sort. Better yet, this is exactly what college football is all about. On Saturday afternoon, Doak Campbell Stadium is gonna be packed, the players are gonna be jacked, the girls from both schools are gonna be showing their racks (the quality of the girls from each school that will be at the game is worth the price of admission alone), and if Christian Ponder and his offensive line can help it, they’re gonna do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t come close to getting sacked. The realization of the atmosphere having "LIVE" written all over it makes me super-salty that I won't be down to witness this matchup in person. With Florida State being ranked and Florida on the outside looking in on the polls, this matchup has all the making of being a rivalry again…

…except the Gators, Urban Meyer, and the rest of their crew have the mental edge, and sometimes, that’s all it takes. Come Saturday afternoon, it’s on.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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