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The Michael Vick Experience is now in HD

This might be a blasphemous statement, Kenny might accuse me of crowning a man too soon, and I might end up regretting this statement in one week's time. Oh well. Michael Vick aka "The Dog Rehabilitator" might...MIGHT...end up being the best quarterback in the NFL this season.

Yes, I realize that including not one but two "might's" in this article does not necessarily put myself on a limb. However, there hasn't been a more impressive player in the NFL this season than Vick. There hasn't been a player in the NFL who has been more important to their team then Vick. Moreover, there hasn't been a player who brought more juice and made a game worth a damn more than #7...

...and the man has only played in 5 1/2 games.

Let me put up the man's stat line just because it needs to be done...

Passing: 105.3 QB Rating, 60.8 Comp. %, 1017 yards, 7 TDs, 0 INTs
Rushing: 36 rushes, 262 yards, 7.3 yards/carry, 2 TDs

Yep, you see it. No interceptions. A completion percentage better than 60%. The man has won every game he started and finished. (Eagles lost at Green Bay after Vick subbed for Kolb, Eagles lost at Washington after Vick got put in the vice grip.) What we have here is Michael Vick putting in his claim for the MVP this season, and yes I wish I could adjust the first half awards just 72 hours as it was posted on the site. Vick has turned into a cult hero in the City of Brotherly Love, and the players REVERE him now. Even Kevin Kolb does.

Its not even a stretch to say that Michael Vick could win the MVP. At this point, its not a stretch that the Eagles could win the NFC East. As egregious as it sounds, its totally possible that the Eagles could come out of the NFC and land in Jerry's World in Super Bowl 45. Its totally believable. The Colts had no answer for Vick, and I know that Indy doesn't necessarily reflect the Steel Curtain, but their secondary makes plays and they have a ferocious pass rush.

I forgot Dwight Freeney was even on the field.

The biggest thing about Vick is that since he's improved so dramatically in the pocket, improved his accuracy significantly, and yet is still able to make plays with his legs...there are significantly less turnovers. (Zero interceptions, one fumble lost) That means increased time of possession and a rested defense. The Eagles beat the Colts last night because Peyton Manning couldn't get the ball in his hands enough to help his team win, plus the Eagles were punching Peyton in the mouth. That's the only way you beat the Colts and the Eagles pulled it off to perfection.

There's not a team in the NFL as scary as Philadelphia right now, and #7 is just getting started. As a fan, I just hope and pray he keeps it up.


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