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Michael Vick for NFL MVP: A Grassroots Production

It’s been the worst-kept secret in football all season.

The man, who didn’t have a TD-INT ratio because he had yet to throw an interception, was leading his team into FedEx Field to take on the Washington Redskins.

The man who had the highest passer rating in the NFL, a stat that I still don’t know what it really means, was opposite the man who helped save his career, by getting him to Philadelphia. The same man who saved his career was just rewarded a five-year, $78 million extension by the Washington Redskins. With all that said, how could the worst-kept secret in football continue to be the worst-kept secret?

It couldn’t. Michael Vick did exactly what I said he would do last year, when the Eagles signed him to a contract, fresh out of Shawshank. At the time, some of my closest friends thought I was out of my damn mind, and at the time, it did seem ridiculous, but I honestly felt Michael Vick was still an athletic monster and that he would re-revolutionize the quarterback position in the NFL.

Before Monday, the man was already playing amazing football, but during his performance on Monday night, the whispers that were present began to turn into screams and chants. The bands were playing, dancers were dancing, and the Monday Night Crew of Tirico, Jaws, and Gruden were left dumbfounded, bewildered, and absolutely flabbergasted.

The chants of “Michael Vick for MVP” came to life.

Now leave it to me to be pessimistic. Call me cynical, but I don’t see the NFL giving Michael Vick the MVP, outright, as long as Peyton Manning is playing Peyton Manning-caliber football. It’s kind of like when Jordan played. It really took someone having an extraordinary season to pry the MVP away from Jordan, because Jordan earned the right to have the trophy handed to him, regardless of someone’s ordinary feats, and Peyton Manning has earned the same respect.

However, what Vick is doing right now isn’t ordinary. It’s outrageous, and the fact that he has bounced back from what he went through over the years cannot be understated. With all that said, it’s gonna take a grassroots effort for Michael Vick to get the NFL MVP this season. Granted, as my boy Keith said, I’d love for him to get the Super Bowl MVP, but there’s a long way before we can even talk that.

However, at this very minute, Michael Vick is the 2010 NFL Most Valuable Player, and if you’re down to see the right thing get done, then it’s time to join this grassroots movement. Let’s make something special happen. Let's do it the same way Vick continues to amaze us on the field, especially after the Masterpiece on Monday Night Football, and for the love of God, I’m sick and tired of people saying “if he keeps it up.” What kind of insulting, degrading, back-handed jibber-jabber is that?

The man has played at a high level all season. He has zero interceptions. He hasn’t lost a fumble. He is a leader of men and everyone on that team believes in him. Honestly, as trifling as he was in Atlanta, he was a leader of men even then. Stop saying “if he keeps it up.” Do we say Drew Brees can be the MVP if he keeps it up? Do we say Rivers could be the MVP if he keeps it up? Did we say if Air McNair (God bless his soul) would have been the MVP, if he kept it up? Do we say that about Manning, Roethlisberger, Brady, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Lorenzo Fa---(Ed dragging me away from my soapbox, as I continue to rant).

In the words of Ali, “can you picture 100,000? Can you picture 100,000?”
The campaign starts now.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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