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For Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, The Tables Have Officially Been Turned in Bedlam

Ever since the Oklahoma Sooners became relevant again back in 1999, we've always seen the same story when it came to Bedlam. Can the Oklahoma State Cowboys derail the hopes and dreams of OU as they try and take flight towards another Big 12 championship and quite possibly a national championship? Now don't get it twisted, Oklahoma State has come to play in this rivalry game and back in 2002 and 2003 Rashaun Woods and the Pokes single-handedly ruined Oklahoma's chances in going back to a national title game. However, that was 8 years ago...

...and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are the favored team, the higher ranked team, and now has the chance to go play for the Big 12 title in the NEW Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Its Bedlam, the unexpected should always be...expected.

Let me speak to my Oklahoma State brothers and sisters real quick...

To my Stillwater faithful, look I get it, this rivalry means a lot to you guys because you all feel like you have way more to prove. Hell, the 80-15-7 record that Oklahoma has over you guys is plenty enough. (That record is absurd by the way...) You're three victories away from the entire nation giving the Pokes the ultimate respect. Win against Oklahoma, win in the Big 12 title game, and a win in a BCS bowl game will pay major dividends for T. Boone Pickens and his the program.

You got Chris, Corso, Herbie, and Des are headed to your town with College Gameday
and its going to be a raucous environment. This means you got the Sooners coming up I-35 to see you on the home turf, and you undoubtedly have the conference's best quarterback (Brandon Weeden), runningback (Kendall Hunter), and wide receiver (Justin Blackmon) ready to show out on the national stage. You've got an offensive coordinator that's turning heads (Dana Holgorsen) and a fanbase that's just ready to be champions.

Here's my advice to you....breathe, relax, and take it all in. This is why you play big time college football, for these moments. They don't come around every day, so enjoy it. Don't waste time texting your OU friends and talking crazy and reckless, don't go off and start making brash predictions for no reason, and don't go in there trying to beat your last $20 on this game. Go into wherever you decide to watch the game with a hint of confidence, it will catch every Oklahoma fan off guard...guaranteed. That's what Rashaun Woods would do. That's what Dez Bryant would do. That's what Thurman Thomas would do. Most importantly...that's what Barry Sanders would do.

If you paid attention to the video...yep, that's the Mad Hatter aka Les Miles.

Now to my Oklahoma faithful...

Look, I get it. 9-2 just isn't what that is for a program like OU's. Oklahoma's a spoiled program, and we all know it. It's okay. Having lofty expectations and falling short doesn't mean you didn't accomplish anything. Truth be told, with the youth on this 2010 Sooners football squad, you weren't supposed to be 9-2 at all and in 2011 these boys are going to be a real problem.

If you're not excited about the future of Roy Finch, Brennan Clay, Trey Franks and Kenny Stills...then well, you haven't been paying attention.

Here's the problem. For as long as I've been a witness to The Stoops and his program, when it comes to Big 12 games the Sooners have been known to come out the gates sleep-walking, playing down to their competition, and looking as lethargic as Jeremy, Chuck, and Ed leaving Sneaky Pete's at 4am. They can ill afford to let that happen on Saturday night or they will get embarrassed on national television. You have owned Oklahoma State, you haven't lost to them in 7 straight years, and you've always had a superstar assert themselves at critical times. The question is who's going to do that for you on Saturday night?

Here is my recommendation...go talk to some Sooners fans who remember how bad the team was before Stoops got there. Ask them about the greatness in recruiting that was Papa Bear John Blake yet the horrid offense he used to run. Ask them about how bad the defense looked and how helpless the team performed against top competition. Ask them about how great James Allen back in the day. Do not take this team, or this game, or this season for granted.

I love this game, and I love both of these teams. This game will probably be the best game of the weekend and you could see the rise of a new program occur before your very eyes, or you could see the continued oppression of one team's will on another.

Prediction? Pain. (Clubber Lang voice)


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