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The dilemmas of the postseason when your team is not playing

One of the most exciting times in sports is only a few weeks with the NFL playoffs, and for me, it's one that will leave me feeling pretty empty. See, my team, the Dallas Cowboys, will not be in the postseason this year, and while there are plenty of players I have love for, there's nothing like cheering on your team as they make a run to the Super Bowl.

Since that's not the case this year, and I was totally unprepared for the possibility my team would not at least be in the playoffs, I have to find some underlying themes for me to truly enjoy the postseason, come January. Watching this NFL season has led me to believe there is no sure-fire favorite to make it to The Big Yard in Arlington this season, but there are certain things I would not mind seeing happen, as well as some things that I pray to God don't happen.

I would not mind seeing:

The Saints back in the Super Bowl. The Saints have somehow managed to go under the radar all season. On top of that, they were able to avoid The Super Bowl Hangover, and have played great ball all season long. For anyone who thought their run last year was fraudulent, this year serves as proof that they are for real.

The Rams have a decent showing in their playoff game. Keep in mind this says "a decent showing," not win. I wouldn't mind if they lost a hard-fought, competitive match-up, and let's be for real: people are pissed off that the NFC West is even allowed to send a team, but if anyone can go, St. Louis would be a cool pick. Sam Bradford has done his part to lead them from the depths of obscurity, while one of the more underappreciated backs in the league, Steven Jackson, would get the opportunity of a lifetime to show the rest of the country what die-hard fans have known about him for a while, which is he's one of the five-best (if not top-three) backs in all of football.

The Ravens in the Super Bowl. For reasons that blow my mind, I've always had a soft spot for the Ravens. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are my dudes for life, and when they got Anquan Boldin, it pretty much sealed the deal. Then again, don't people say this about the Ravens every postseason? They're the Ravens; they always have the pedigree to go all the way. The question now is: will they get the job done?

Things I absolutely do not wanna see:

The Colts make the playoffs. This almost happened, but Jacksonville failed to get the job done, so it looks like the Peyton Manning Apology Fest will stretch into January. I know he doesn't have all of his weapons, but I've never heard more apologies for a player in my life like I've heard for him this season. It's borderline disgusting, but what can you do, right? As long as they keep playing, fans will have to continue to hear about how he's doing The Impossible with a bunch of rag-tags. Yeah, whatever.

The Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. Sorry, Falcons fans; I still don't believe in your team. It was Danielle last night who said not to be fooled by great records, and even though the Falcons are 12-2, there's something about them I just don't like. It may look like a cop-out, but it's better than me lying and saying they should go all the way when I just don't believe in them. Hell, the Cavs had the best record in the NBA for the past two seasons, and they still came up short.

That's enough for now. As you can see, when your team is there, nothing else matters, and while attempting to predict what you want or don't want to happen can set you up for disaster, I did it anyway. Besides, there are some intentional ones that were left off, and if they come to pass, then it'll all work out in the end.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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