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The Five Coolest of 2010: #2 - Michael Vick

If you’ve read this site enough, then you know there’s an extreme Michael Vick Bias here; if not from Ed, then certainly from me. There’s no doubt that Michael Vick belongs on this list. The question is “where?”

For some, they’ll make the case that he belongs at the number one spot. It was a tough decision to make and something that was discussed between Ed and me, but there’s no shame in being in this position, and when all the elements were put into play, this is where Vick belongs.

Michael Vick is the leader of a Philadelphia Eagles team that fans thought would finish third place in the NFC East at the start of the season. It would be disingenuous to suggest every fan thought they would finish there, but it’s safe to say a fairly sizable segment of football fans and even Eagles fans thought this would be a rebuilding year. They were willing to roll the dice with Kevin Kolb at quarterback and have Vick as the number two, but once Vick came in relief in Week One against Green Bay, expectations changed, and people’s initial feelings about the Eagles season went out the window.

Now you have people not only saying Super Bowl, but also saying Michael Vick should get MVP, a campaign that came to life on the site not too long ago. Plus, there’s something to be said not only about his revolutionary play at the position, but his ability to tune out people who still would rather discuss his previous off-the-field exploits with more fervor, enthusiasm, and zeal than they would about his play on the field. It’s unbelievable how much the man’s past dealings are brought up before games, during games, and after games. Damn near anytime you see someone interview Vick, they bring up old stuff, and despite that, the man shows class, growth, and most importantly, he keeps his cool.

Players from other teams are in such awe by his exploits, ability, and sheer talent that they just want to touch the hem of his garment, stare in awe, and even ask for his autograph after the game. That same admiration, respect, and reverence is held by his team as well. It’s as if his teammates seem to literally understand what this season could possibly end up meaning not only for them, but also the city, as well as Vick.

With an NFC that doesn’t have a clear-cut favorite to represent their conference, the team that will come out will be the team that plays with a passion, an urgency for the moment, and a desperation like the Eagles, because they can look to their leader and realize when the opportunity to shine comes, you have to make the most of it.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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