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The Five Coolest of 2010: #3 - Cam Newton

**Today continues our countdown of the 2010 year and our definitive listing of cool as ETSF presents "The Five Coolest of 2010". To see the entire list thus far then check out #5 and #4 here. Onto #3...**

In our definition of cool in the context of these posts, there's a line in a poem I remember being beaten into my brain back in college that accurately helps describe what cool is all about.

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you..." (Rudyard Kipling)

For Cameron Jerrell Newton, there hasn't been a more clear cut essence of cool from the quarterback position since the days of Vince Young, Tommie Frazier, and Roger Staubauch. The young man has exceeded any expectation that has been put in front of him, the young man always carried a smile on his face, and the young man gave the proverbial "Heisman" stiff-arm to the continued ridicule and angst sent towards him on a continual basis.

Cool wears #2 in burnt orange (not whiny orange) and navy blue.

Here's the thing about the Cam Newton story that always baffled me personally...did any of you all watch the man play? Did you see the way he interacted with the press, media, and the fans? Who can perform in such a manner as Newton did and be GUILTY of the accusations? It would take a diabolical person with no soul whatsoever to pull that acting job off....and you know what, if Cam Newton is ever found guilty of knowingly taking $200,000-ish dollars to sign with Auburn...the coolness still applies, just with evil intentions.

Let's be clear about what we witnessed from Cam this year...

- In year one, the man took over the complicated offense of Gus Malzohn and put up arguably one of the greatest statistical seasons of all-time...in the SEC, the best conference in college football today.

- Remember Tebow's vaunted 20/20 (TDs passing/rushing) season that he put up back in 2007? Yep, Newton did it too. 28 passing TDs, 20 rushing TDs. Oh yeah, he only threw 6 interceptions.

- Cam scored six touchdowns in the SEC title game. It was one of the SEC’s most dynamic and classic individual performances. No other player has accounted for six touchdowns in an SEC Championship Game.

- Cam's performance this season made a seemingly insane question by Kenny seem quite sane...is Cam Newton the best college quarterback of the last ten years?

- Newton owns the longest offensive play in Auburn history, a 94-yard pass to Emory Blake vs. Louisiana-Monroe.

- Oh yeah, that one play against LSU...

Through it all, the thing I'll always take away from Newton's 2010 performance is that the man always was smiling, laughing, being jovial with the fans, and being a supreme motivator to his teammates. Listen to the way Newton's teammates REVERE him. Scroll back up to the top of this article...they are carrying the man off the field after the SEC Championship. Carrying folks off the field is only reserved for coaches...yet his teammates decide to put the man on his shoulders, after all the carrying (no diss) Newton did for Auburn, and took him off the field.

You ask Kenny, B-Lew, or I how cool it was when we saw it on the big screen. We lost our damn minds.

Cool is all on how you carry it, and Newton's cool is unquestionable. You'd never know that the man's family has been peppered with questions about improprieties yet nothing factual has ever come to light. When you're cool, you're not supposed to know.


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