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Maya Moore will finish as the best player in UConn history

In life, I can't think of many things that I've done consecutively 89 times. Brush my teeth 89 days in a row? Nope. Made it to work 89 straight times? Hell no. Man, I don't even think I told my mama I loved her 89 straight times. (Love you mommy)

So being able to witness Geno Auriemma lead the UConn Huskies to 89 consecutive victories, topping Wooden's 88-win streak in the process and win two consecutive national titles as been awe-inspiring. (By the way, the conversation of does this streak compare to UCLA's is ridiculous. Of course it compares, and if anything their streak might...MIGHT...be better. More dominant over time in a more modern era.) However, what we've witnessed over the last three-plus years has made me question something that in my opinion was a clear as day.

Maya Moore has surpassed Diana Taurasi as the best player in UConn history.

Now, I'll stop there and won't crown her as the best ever, because that would be disrespectful to the great Cheryl Miller, the Swoops, and Mique. Moreover, if I would've caught myself writing this article as far back as a year ago I would have screamed blasphemy, thrown stones at myself, and ridiculed me in a similar fashion that Kenny did me yesterday after a 5th-place victory in fantasy football. I'm one of the biggest Taurasi Stans you'll ever meet, and I've always had her on that pedestal as the best I ever seen do it. Yet, when you compare the two, they're almost clones of one another. Same size (6'0", 170), same skillsets, and the same killer instinct that instantly makes them legends.

Statistically, Maya has been a better shooter, a better rebounder, and a better scorer in her career at UConn. Diana trumps Maya in being a better passer, and that's partially because Taurasi was always bringing the ball up for Geno in crucial situations. Diana's got three national titles to Maya's two, and although I'd never want to crown anyone too early, I think its safe to say that UConn is an early favorite to win the 2011 national championship.

So what's more impressive? Diana led UConn to three straight titles. Maya's led this UConn team to 89 in a row (and counting) and two straight titles. Once, Auriemma declared his likelihood of winning with the legendary quote, "We have Diana, and you don't." However, Kenny has openly praised the greatness of Maya Moore, and in this age of college basketball, folks have openly questioned if this UConn team's dominance is bad for college basketball. Who asks ridiculous questions like that?

Its open for debate, and if UConn continues to win (regardless if the streak is broken or not) and hoists that national championship trophy again in 2011 at Conseco Fieldhouse. Its no question that Maya officially takes the throne away, as much as it hurts me to say so.


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