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Put a hook in your Egg Nog...Merry Christmas


Sometimes Christmas gives you the opportunity to work. When I come home for the holidays, I am always put to work. Changing light bulbs (because my mama is 5'1"), fixing things (damn leakey faucet), and putting up Christmas decorations, cleaning rooms, and going grocery shopping for numerous things like milk, eggs, cheese, Hennessy, cigarettes, and rum.

Just remember...tis the season to give, and hopefully receive in the near future. (Namely gifts, money, and socks & drawls from your mama)

Remember that during Christmas, those opportunities to sit down with the old men of your family and the young boys of your family to watch a great game of basketball, or some good ole football, there's lessons to be learned and foundations of greatness to be laid.

Let the women of your family tell their treacherous tales of watching the men do too much when their too old, or pull out the old photos and videos of their kids playing sports. Let the ladies even tell a tale of their physical exploits on the field while sipping some egg nog. (And if your mama is like my mama, watch 'em put some rum in it aka "a hook" in the egg nog.)

If you've got family and friends like mine, then go outside and pull out the old pigskin or the old basketball and enjoy a friendly diabolical competition with the young bucks and old men. Hell, if you've got young people in your family, play the Wii, or play 2K11, or teach your Uncle how to play Madden. They'll love it.

Most importantly, enjoy the time with your loved ones. I just Skype'd my cousin in Afghanistan. My mother and my Aunt have never seen any parts of the Skype and I left them shellshocked. First real conversation with their nephew/son in a long time, Christmas well spent, and we're just getting started.

From Ken, B-Lew, Phil, Rev, and anyone else who's a part of this thang we call ETSF...its never about me, its always about you all. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the day.


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