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There are some things you just don't do

As we all know, the Philadelphia Eagles came into Jerry’s World last night to play the Dallas Cowboys. The back-story is simple: the teams are in the same division, Cowboys have beaten the Eagles three consecutive times, the Eagles are in first, and the Cowboys are still in The Red Jesus (Jason Garrett) Transition Period. Last night’s game had all the makings of a good one.

There was plenty of activity after the whistle, some hard hits, and a celebration of epic proportions by Desean Jackson that even I, as a Cowboys fan, thought was kind of funny. His touchdown put the Eagles ahead for good, and even with the Cowboys scoring a late touchdown, it wasn’t enough, and the Eagles ended up winning 30-27.

Of course, after the game, you have the obligatory post-game handshakes. I always watch these things, because I like to see how players interact with each other after three hours of competitive battle. After watching sports all my life, I thought I had seen it all.

Players shaking hands, sharing a few words, while others walk right past each other and some even have altercations after the game. That’s cool and all, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s all in the game. However, there are codes to go by in the game, and one was on full display right here:

What the *bleep* is this?!?!?!

Please tell me this is a joke.

This can’t be real…

I was watching this happen live, and my mouth dropped in disbelief from the fact that I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. The cameras didn’t make it any better, because they just stayed trained on exactly what was going on. Of course, all hell broke loose with people railing against Tashard Choice for what he did, while some said they would do the exact same thing.

Now anyone who reads this site knows how I feel about Michael Vick, but in the event this is your first time on the site, allow me to tell you how I feel about Michael Vick. The man is my second favorite player of all-time (behind Donovan McNabb), and in my eyes, Vick is a Gridiron God. He’s been one of my favorite players since I was in high school, and if I was the one on the field last night, I would have had the urge to ask the man for an autograph, his jersey, his cleats, and I probably would have the urge to call my mama and asked him to say hello to her. I have no shame in that.

However, there is no way in hell such things would occur right there on the field, right after a loss, with the stench of defeat still fresh in the air. It’s not about if it’s against the rules; there’s just some stuff you don’t do, and this is one of them. To Choice’s credit, he went to Twitter, and let everyone know his rationale behind his actions.

Being an uncle myself, it’s totally understandable wanting to make your nephew happy, but damn, homie; he knows the man, so why not wait until the locker room to ask him for it, and not right there on TV, right after a *bleeping* loss? Just to reiterate, I would have asked Vick for the same thing, but not right after the game and not on the field. It could have been for my mama, and it would have just had to wait until the loss died down a bit and until we got to the locker room.

Simply puy, this is just the day and age we’re in. Just as soon as what took place was absolutely baffling, it's reinforces a quote from none other than The Tall Philosopher Slim Charles, who once famously said, “The thing about the old days…they the old days.” Once that registered, it just reaffirmed these are the times we live in today.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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