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Why does no one believe in the Atlanta Falcons?

I don't get it.

The Atlanta Falcons are 10-2 this season. They are undefeated at home (6-0) in the Georgia Dome, and Matt Ryan doesn't lose at home as he is an astonishing 19-1 in the Georgia Dome. They have a bruiser of a runningback in Michael "Burner" Turner, and they arguably have the most productive wide receiver in the NFL this year in "Rowdy" Roddy White. They've got one of 5 best tight ends of all-time in Tony Gonzalez doing work. They have one of the league's most prominent defensive ends in John Abraham, and head coach Mike Smith is 30-14 (.682 win percentage) in his 3rd season as head coach. They are doing work.

So why do none of us believe in the Dirty Birds?

Kenny, Brandon, and yours truly discussed this topic at length last night on "The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show", Wednesday's at 9pm. (Shameless self-promotion, sue me. Oh wait...you can't.) Kenny just flat out hates the Falcons...okay, he doesn't hate the Falcons, but he refuses to believe in them. Brandon's on the fence, as he feels like any of the other playoff contenders could end up beating the Falcons. So of all the people who had to come to the defense of the Falcons, it was Eddie Maisonet.

Good grief.

I'll be honest, other than John Abraham and Curtis Lofton (Boomer Sooner) I can't name another defensive player on that squad...can you? Plus, when I watch the Falcons there's nothing "flashy" or "awe-inspiring" about the way they do business. Before I told you, how many of you even knew who their coach actually was? Don't worry about answering that, I already know the answer for some of you.

So check their resume. They've got two losses all season, against the AFC North leading Pittsburgh Steelers (sans Roethlisberger) and NFC East leading Philadelphia Eagles (sans Vick). Okay so they have a problem beating teams from the Keystone State who don't play with quarterbacks wearing #7...and have had some legal problems in the past. Fine, I could see someone having a problem with that, not giving them the proper credit. However, they did give the blues to the defending Super Bowl champion Saints (on the road), the Baltimore Ravens (at home), and the Green Bay Packers (at home).

They're beating who their supposed to beat, and they can't help how their schedule is laid out. Look at what I said about Matt Ryan at home in his career again...19-1. That's just ridiculous. At their current rate, they're poised to have home field for the post season and that means all roads lead to the Georgia Dome. Is it going to take Atlanta to get to the Super Bowl for us to believe again? Or are they truly fraudulent? (like Kenny says)

They've done everything their supposed to do, and I think its time we give them the proper respect. The Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFC, and if you want to beat the best...you gotta beat the best. You gotta walk that aisle...all the way to the Georgia Dome.


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