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"I am the straw that stirs the drink." -- Reggie Jackson

This is my portfolio page. Please look around and check out my work. Afterwards, I encourage you to reach out and connect for a conversation! (Hopefully over drinks!)



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Eduardo (Eddie) Maisonet, III

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Birthday: July 28
Phone number: 213.537.3873
Website: www.thesportsfanjournal.com
E-mail: ed@edthesportsfan.com


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  • 2014-future

    Fox Sports Digital @ Yardbarker Editorial Producer

    Editorial and digital strategist for FOX Sports interactive media team, focusing on Yardbarker's social media engagement, publisher relations and new media verticals.

  • 2010-2015

    SB Nation @ Senior Writer

    Contributed to the news desk and editorial direction for NBA and college football.

  • 2013-2014

    Google @ Operations Coordinator

    Led onboarding of small and medium-sized businesses onto Google My Business platform.

  • 2009-2011

    Nielsen @ Retail Consultant

    Served as a retail consultant and consumer market researcher with a focus on Kroger and Safeway.


  • 2016

    University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

    Sport Management Masters Program

  • 2005

    Langston University Langston, OK

    Bachelors in Organization Management

  • 2010

    Media Bridges Cincinnati, OH

    Radio and Broadcasting Certification

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I Love Social
Social Reach
I Love Strategy
Clients & Counting
I Love Writing
9 Years
Writing Exp.


My latest projects

Can We Get A Do Over? Lets Re-Draft...

Can We Get A Do Over? Lets Re-Draft...

There are certain things that you probably don't want to see when your favorite team is highlighted on ESPN's Bottom Line, you know things like...Player X is suspended for 20 games for trafficking cocaine. Player Y is suspended for playing with guns in the locker room. Player Z has been injured while slipping in the shower. Stuff like that.

However, if you were a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, I know you weren't expecting to see this when you made your #2 pick in the NBA Draft last summer...

The Memphis Grizzlies are sending No. 2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet to the D-League's Dakota Wizards, the team announced on Thursday. For even more hilarity, Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins announced earlier this week that second-year center Hamed Haddadi of Iran would begin receiving Thabeet's minutes behind starting center Marc Gasol.

Yeah, folks in the twitter world would call that an #epicfail.

So lets become delusional for a second and see if we can right some wrongs for the Grizzlies (and the KNICKS for goodness sakes) and lets redraft the top 10 picks in the 2009 NBA Draft. With the 1st pick of the 2009 NBA Re-Draft...the Los Angeles Clippers select...

Who You Believe In?

Who You Believe In?

Reading Ed’s post about the fall of UNC yesterday had an effect on me, and still does at this moment. You look around the college basketball landscape, and see plenty of teams with one or two losses, but are they teams you really expect to win the national championship? This is one of those seasons where, if you haven’t been paying close attention to college ball, you better start now. With the exception of Kansas and Kentucky, the field is wide open. Even with those teams being 1 and 2, and continuing to find ways to win, we know all it takes is an off night, and next thing you know, they'll be at the house, too.

A Wall of Pride Leaves Tar Heel Nation Feeling "Blue"

A Wall of Pride Leaves Tar Heel Nation Feeling "Blue"

Feeling Blue (idiom) - Feeling unwell, mainly associated with depression or unhappiness.

Depends on what type of Blue you prefer.
If you are a fan of Tar Heel Blue, then yes, the definition applies. If you feeling Kentucky Blue...then you're feeling pretty darn good.

Moreover, if you are a fan of Tar Heel Blue, then I truly believe you should be seeing Red after some of the decisions your head coach Roy Williams made prior to the 2009-10 NCAA Men's Basketball season.

Roy Williams: John Wall 'just didn't fit' with UNC program.


Top Ten Wrestlers/Entertainers in my Lifetime

Top Ten Wrestlers/Entertainers in my Lifetime

Something happened last night that was totally unplanned. On Twitter, Ed made a statement about The Million Dollar Man being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which to say, is long overdue (I hate calling it WWE; it’ll always be WWF, in my opinion). After that, several people made statements about the greatness of Ted Dibiase, and it led to even more statements about old-school wrestling, who was the best wrestler of all-time, the best face, best heel, who had the best interviews, and even more. After over an hour of debates, arguing, shouting, and carrying on, the idea came to make this post.

Two Years In The Game, Ain't A D@mn Thang Changed...

Two Years In The Game, Ain't A D@mn Thang Changed...

Its been an interesting journey to today. Two years ago yesterday, this thing we call "Ed The Sports Fan" began its destiny.

Its kind of interesting that when I went to bed last night, "Finding Forrester" was playing on my television. (By the way, I think any sports writer or sports blogger has to think that "Finding Forrester" is one of their favorite movies of all-time.) Its almost fitting, that a movie which strikes such an interesting parallel between basketball and writing has such a meaning to me an my own life.

You see, sports has always been a true love of my life. I can thank my Grandfather and my Uncle Bill for that. Yet, my appreciation for this came across as something only verbal, or in a sense within a person's presence. That was cool, that's all that I knew. To watch football from Thursday to Monday was normal. Staying up to 11 or 12 o'clock a night to watch Pac-10 basketball was ordinary. Reading box scores of Braves games when I was little was just...something I did.

Yet, it took for someone to lose their job to truly bring a writer's element to one's appreciation for sport.

The NBA Trade Deadline Should be a National Holiday

The NBA Trade Deadline Should be a National Holiday

Trades, expiring contracts, players moving (some being moved multiple times), and future draft picks galore. Admittedly, the NBA trade deadline is something that’s always given attention around these parts, but it’s hard to remember one that was as busy as this one. For me, it started last weekend, while I was on my way to my 7:30 AM Saturday morning American Community College class (yes, school on an early Saturday; it’s the devil), and the Wizards and Mavericks made moves to swap players, with the main pieces being Josh Howard, Brendan Haywood, and Caron Butler. Butler has always been my dude, so it was a thrill to know he was coming to Dallas. To be honest, if that was the highlight of the trade deadline, there would have been no complaints from me, but things were just getting started.

SLAM Exclusive: Pau Gasol Is the MVP of the Lakers

SLAM Exclusive: Pau Gasol Is the MVP of the Lakers

**Ed has struck an opportunity wtih SLAM Magazine to begin blogging/contributing to SLAM Online as of last week. Thanks for your continued support!**

And its not even close.

Shoutout to Kenny for saying I didn’t have “the huevos” to write this story, but in actuality it’s something that’s needed to be said for years.

We all witnessed the spark of an interesting debate on Saturday night, as the good folks over at TNT raised some eyebrows in the response of the “fans” saying that Kobe Bryant was the NBA Player of the Decade.

By a resounding margin, Kobe was voted No. 1, capturing 54 percent of the vote. This leads me to believe that only Laker Stans voted in this poll. Charles Barkley, who after hearing that the vote skewed heavily to Kobe, said that “the fans don’t know anything” and said that Shaquille O’Neal should be the Player of the Decade. Then all of the other TNT panelists said the exact same thing.

Pretty resounding, isn’t it? The fans vote Kobe the Player of the Decade, yet Shaq won just as many titles as Kobe, Shaq was the preeminent force on those 2000-03 Lakers teams while Kobe was gradually growing in his role as Robin. Shaq leaves forced beyond his will Los Angeles and the Lakers go into the tank as Kobe can only take those teams to the bottom of the playoff bracket.

Enter Pau Gasol.

Hold up Ed, you’re not saying Pau Gasol is as good as Shaquille O’Neal are you?

Of course not.



Is Kevin Durant the Best Player Ever At Age 21?

Is Kevin Durant the Best Player Ever At Age 21?

Is Kevin Durant the best basketball player ever at 21 years of age? Better than LeBron? Better than MJ? Better than Magic?

We raised this question last night on ETSF Radio and the debate got extremely heated and spilled over to Kenny's and Ed's twitter pages. Truth be told, the initial question that Kenny raised was who is now in the elite...either Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Durant.

Then Ed made what some would say is the most blasphemous statement in basketball history. Others would say that the kid might be onto something...

What The Hell Happened To The Pac-10?

What The Hell Happened To The Pac-10?

I'm just going to give you a list of names real quick, bear with me.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Eddie House, Harold Miner, Brandon Roy, Jason Terry, Baron Davis, Brent Barry, Kyle Weaver, Brevin Knight, Luke Ridnour.

10 prominent basketball players representing each school in the Pac-10 when I grew up. It took me all of 38 seconds to think of these players names when I thought about the school.

The question is, could you name 10 players PERIOD from the Pac-10 right now?

The Last of a Dying Breed: Centers in the NBA

The Last of a Dying Breed: Centers in the NBA

Many moons ago, true centers roamed the earth and wreaked havoc on basketball courts. There were so many that you really couldn't see the day coming when they would become extinct. However, the more I watch basketball today, the less centers come across the tube. A few years ago, Shaquille O’Neal, aka The Big Aristotle, prophesized that he was the last center left, and even for me, someone who grew up seeing true, dominant centers play in the NBA, I laughed off what the man said. Now you look around, and see what The Big Homie said was true. Sure, there are some good ones, but are there truly any killers left at the center position?

The NBA All-Star Weekend That Was...

The NBA All-Star Weekend That Was...

This was supposed to be different.

NBA All-Star weekend came through to Dallas this year, and it was certainly memorable, but for reasons you wouldn’t expect. When I glanced out my window on Thursday morning at 7 AM and saw snow falling out of the sky, I didn’t pay it much attention. However, as it continued to fall, that should have set something set off right there. Mother Nature was trying to warn me that the weekend was gonna be as unconventional as ever, and it certainly was, just from the fact that I’ve never seen so much snow in my entire life. It’s safe to say the tone was set.

Great Moments in All-Star History

Great Moments in All-Star History


In growing up as a young little sports fan, I've always had a sincere appreciation for the NBA All-Star game. I honestly believe the NBA All-Star game does it right, it puts together the best weekend and they put on a show. The Slam Dunk Contest, the 3-point Shootout, the Rookie/Sophomore game, the Shooting Stars competition, and the actual All-Star game.

Its sad because my two favorite players growing up were Shawn Kemp and Reggie Miller, and they led me astray. Never being able to win the Slam Dunk contest or the 3-Point shootout or an NBA title but one thing I miss is that all of the stars of the NBA were in these competitions. Nowadays...not so much.

Lets take a look back at some of the livest moments in All-Star weekend history.

The Window Has Slammed Shut

The Window Has Slammed Shut

After watching the Celtics lose another game they had no business losing last night, a revelation settled within me that’s been bubbling for the past month or so. It’s one that I’ve finally come to accept, despite the fact that one of my favorite players who ever lived, Kevin Garnett, is on the court. It’s one I’ve swallowed, despite the fact that Rajon Rondo has become a legitimate top-ten point guard in the entire league. It’s one I’ve come to accept, even with Kendrick Perkins becoming one of the better centers in the NBA. The fact of the matter is the three-year window I gave the Celtics to win championships has officially slammed shut. The locks are on, and the holes where windows used to be are now boarded up with the same nail gun Chris and Snoop used in The Wire (season four). Too many things would have to happen for the Celtics to win the championship this year; things which I’ve come to accept aren’t going to happen. So why has the window slammed shut on Boston now?

Why The Colts Should Sign Brandon Marshall

Why The Colts Should Sign Brandon Marshall

Lets take a flashback to 2004...

In March of 2004, the Philadelphia Eagles were at a crossroads. They had an elite team, with a swarming defense and an offense who effectively matriculates the ball up and down the field. Donovan McNabb at this point had asserted himself as the best QB in the NFC, yet at that time besides do everything back Brian Westbrook, had ZERO weapons in the receiving core. I'm sorry but James Trash Thrash, Freddie "Fraud" Mitchell, and Todd "I'm Made Out Of Balsam Wood"
Pinkston were not cutting it.

Philadelphia had to make a decision, because they were facing a more horrible fate only held prior by the Buffalo Bills, to go to the NFC Championship and LOSE 3 times in row. Something had to be done.

They went out and traded for Terrell Owens, and things changed for better and for worse for the Eagles.

Life After Football Season: Tips for Survival

Life After Football Season: Tips for Survival

The end of football season is quite a few things for quite a few people. For some, it’s the perfect transition into basketball season. For others, they may focus their attention to upcoming spring training in baseball. For folks who are open for a little bit of anything, they may get into some hockey, soccer, or NASCAR. However, there are some fans that, when football season ends, go into hiding. They’re pretty much done for, unless anything football-related is in the cards.

Let’s all be honest here. There are only so many mock drafts, only so much NFL Network, and only so many times you can hear about the possibility of a work stoppage, before you finally lose your damn mind. The real draft isn’t until the fourth week in April, mini-camps aren’t until May, and training camp isn’t until mid-July. It wouldn’t make much sense to sit alone in the stands, while the rest of us are finding joy and excitement through alternative avenues of sport. Today on ETSF, we’re gonna offer you some tips to make through this time. Our hope is you can find a way to have your sports-jones filled, even if it’s not coming through football.

When The Saints Go Marching In...

When The Saints Go Marching In...

In a sports fan's life, this is why you give your heart and soul to a team.

Today, when you wake up and get ready for work...or when you go to your first class today...or get online to check and see what's going on in Twitter-land...you will be glowing like Bruce LeRoy.

If you are a Saints fan, that is.

Win or lose...Peyton Manning Is NOT the greatest QB of all-time

Win or lose...Peyton Manning Is NOT the greatest QB of all-time

Let that title sink in for a moment, process it.

You mad? You shocked? Or are you nodding your head in agreement? Yeah, I thought so.

Let me be perfectly clear on what I'm about to say, because the ability to misconstrue this message will be easy to do. Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the game of football today, no question. Peyton Manning is ONE of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, no question.

However, I will not sit here and let the media, other pundits of the game of football, and bandwagon, "oh, I only watch the Super Bowl" football fans sit here and preach this gospel that Peyton Manning plays the game of football like no one ever before in history, and that he is the greatest quarterback of all-time. It is disrespectful to others who have played the game before him, and we cannot let our present day memory erase things we've seen and/or heard in the past.

Top Ten QBs in the NFL

Top Ten QBs in the NFL

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, plenty of debates have circled around for football fans everywhere. Who's got the edge? Who's this, and who's that? For us at ETSF, we figure the best way to culminate a debate is by publishing our own top-ten list, and for this particular list, we'll be looking at the top-ten signal callers in the NFL.

A big thanks goes out to The Rev, The NFL Chick, and MKRob, who all handle their business in the blogosphere. The three of them helped to make this post a reality, and for that, we are grateful. To make this clear, each panelist used this season as their barometer, but were also given the freedom to use previous success for a player as well. With that said, lets gooooo...

Super-Stardom Awaits You Young Man...

Super-Stardom Awaits You Young Man...

The Super Bowl can make or break your career, this is a fact.

In some cases, like Timmy Smith of the Redskins in '87, or Larry Brown of the Cowboys in '96 it took them from nobodies to household names in the span of 3 hours.

In the case of Neil O'Donnell, he went from being a prestigous quarterback to being the loneliest man on the face of the earth.

Here are a couple of guys who could become the guy that even your mom will know by name at the end of Super Bowl 44.

Umm...There IS Another Elite QB in the Super Bowl, People

Umm...There IS Another Elite QB in the Super Bowl, People

Note: Shame on Ed, for not mentioning yesterday's post was our 400th of ETSF's young history. It's safe to say when we get to the plate, we have a good shot to get on base, and for that, we thank the readers and the supporters of the site. Without you, none of this is possible.

The Super Bowl is usually about the two teams taking the field, with the brightest spotlight on the two quarterbacks that will be under center. However, when you’re opposite Peyton Manning, there tends to be the idea that the other quarterback is just out there, and doesn’t really matter. You see, we all know #18 is a great quarterback, and if you put your ear out there long enough, you’ll hear some say he’s the greatest that’s ever lived, but the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints? You know, Drew Brees, he’s a pretty good one as well, but he’s not getting close to the coverage he deserves this week. As Ed did yesterday in discussing Bob Sanders, leave it to us to address #9, and his value to the Saints, as well as the potential for him to make the Colts defense experience a world of trouble, come Sunday night.

Where In The World Is Bob Sanders?

Where In The World Is Bob Sanders?

What does Demond "Bob" Sanders mean to the Indianapolis Colts?

When you are nicknamed "The Hitman" by opposing teams, then you know that you've made a considerable impact on the football field. When you are nicknamed "The Eraser" by an all-time great head coach in Tony Dungy, not for erasing the hopes and dreams of opposing offenses...but by erasing the mistakes of his teammates and making great plays, you're leaving your mark on the football field.

So how the Colts "pretty much" completed a perfect season, and coasted into Super Bowl 44 with arguably one of the greatest defensive players in Colts history barely playing a part in this season is mystifying...


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